Friday, November 20, 2009

Where I Came From

Introductions are in order here I think. I began playing WoW about 5 or 6 months before Burning Crusade came out. I hit 60 almost exactly 30 days before its release. I can't remember when that was, I think July 2006. At least that sounds right. which means I'm going on 4 years.
I was down, very down in the bottom of the dredges of the dumps. I was going through a nasty time in my marriage and was simply not a happy person. A very good friend of mine had been playing and invited me to her house where she pulled up World of Warcraft, loaded up her toon and said here, sit down. I now realize she was in Tanaris and even what quest she was doing at the time (yes I'm crazy, see previous post plz). She was in Gadgetzan and she got on her mount and said pulled up the map and pointed. "We're going here" she said. She showed me how to steer and told me to head in that direction and just don't run into any monsters. That was it, that's all it took. She let me make a character on her account and play around for maybe half an hour or so. In the process I saw this wonderous thing! A flaming horse! That was how I decided to play a Warlock. It was all about the flaming horse, lol. I think within the next 2 days I had bought and installed the game.
I got her on the phone and she helped me through the installation and got me on the correct realm. I joined the guild at level 1. She trotted down to Elwynn Forest and gave me 3 gold for training and I was off and never looked back.
You must understand, I have always loved video games but never played an MMO before. I am a bit (she would laugh at "bit") of a co-dependent, and for me to go out and just buy a video game with a huge commitment like a monthly subscription without first talking to my husband was unusual for me. Quite unusual. I needed something that was mine. That I enjoyed doing by myself but could still interact with others. Something I started on my own. It was awesome. I had control, I had power, I had autonomy. I could take out my agression on small animals! lol
I made wonderful friends and some not so wonderful friends. You know how WoW is, just like life its full of every kind. I think I found them all at one time or another.
Zab was my first toon I rolled that day and I've not had another main. Loved her from the minute I created her, not knowing a damn thing about warlocks. She wears a permanent scowl. A fine testament to her moment of creation I think. And she forever represents to me the unyielding, fiery, I'm gonna kick some butt mentality I couldn't find anywhere else in my life at the time.
I loved leveling and still do. I take my time, I read the quests and I go out on my own and seek adventure. I love it. To this day I love taking a new toon and just leveling by myself. This is my altoholic hook. It sounds very RP to me, but to wander out into this world and look around is the most facinating and riveting part of the game.
Needless to say this little game I was playing didn't go unnoticed by my husband. I think he started playing when I was around level 25. He went out and bought and installed it. He didn't want to join the guild. In fact he had a hard time with the game. I found it so easy and it just made sense to me. He fought it. We didn't play much together then. He got a toon to 50-something I think. She did eventually join the guild too. One day he lost it, deleted his toons and uninstalled the game. Ok no biggie. We didn't play together so to speak. We would play at the same time in the same room, but rarely did we group or play together. I kept playing. hahaha! I wouldn't give up my new addiction.
He returned to WoW not long after. Maybe a month or so. We started playing together. We made Draenei and leveled together. Now, years later we are happier than we've ever been with each other. WoW didn't have anything to do with it. That was therapy lol. So no, this isn't a WoW brought us together story. We now have a few toons, some are dedicated to playing together only. We've swapped a few and have created new duo's. The last was my warrior and his priest. We put them together about level 77 and hit 80 together and have been having a blast. We are a perfect set and can get an instance in a heartbeat with that team. It rocks.
I have a gazillion alts both horde and alliance now. I don't have them on the same server, it doesn't feel right to me. LOL. Yes you'd think I'd be on an RP server with all that talk.
My first love, Zabine, is still my favorite. I have a unique affinity with her I think. Born out of a bad time in my life she kept me going, along with all the wonderful people in-game that have lent me an ear and a shoulder over the last few years.
Yea I guess it's a bit sappy, but thats me :)
I am now the guild master of the very guild I joined at level 1. I think that is a great accomplishment these days and a testament to my friends and the guild they began. On several occasions I have thought of moving her on. We are not big time raiders. We raid 1 night a week and it is currently spent in OS, Nax and an occasional try at some others. We aren't great but we have fun. There are times I hook up with friends and run larger raids. I have the gear and sometimes I yearn for the challenge.  In the end I will never pull her out of KG. Even if I relinquish the Leader spot, which I've also contemplated, I don't think I could move her out. I am far too committed and too co-dependent. But then, we've established that.

So much to say, so little time.

Over the last week or so I've come up with so many topics I wanted to discuss and haven't gotten here to post them that I'm lost for what to write about. I get stuck in wondering if I would have anything useful to say. My strong suit in WoW seems to be my unwavering memory. I have an uncanny ability to remember quest chains, locations, names of cities, towns and flightpoints and other useless information. Well, ok. Not useless. Perhaps useless here in a blog but definitely not in-game. If you need an answer on how to find something I can usually spout it off in chat without missing a beat. Many times I'm concerned that I come off as a know-it-all. Recently I have tried to slow down my responses and give others a chance to speak up. Then I notice an great uncomfortable silence in gchat and I am back to my old ways, expounding on the many different places you can go and how you can get there. Giving names, times, flight paths and in some cases NPC's.
The question is, how does that help me here? It doesn't at all. Unless I'm going to start taking questions from people (highly unlikely), I don't feel I have a bunch of information to contribute in this format.
Lately though I have found that this interesting yet annoying memory of mine has come into play in a terrific way. I have started tanking a bit more with my warrior. Remembering all the encounters and pulls has come in quite handy. Perhaps I've found a new niche in the game hmmm?
On that note lets start there. My warrior. Hmmmm....I feel I should step back and talk about my main here too. See, I'm just a crazy person when it comes to topics. Easily distracted...oh look something shiny!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Isn't it enchanting?

Being an enchanter I wanted to share my thoughts on the new instance change that will be coming in 3.3.
As long as there is an enchanter in the group, the group will now be given a selection to greed for DE. If that is selected the item being rolled for will automatically be disenchanted and the shard will go to the highest roller.

I think this is taking my profession and making it everyone's profession. I have been playing for 4 years. I have spent my time and my money leveling MY profession. This now gives everyone access to use my services without asking me, without me offering, without my approval, and without me reaping any benefit from it.
The reason this angers me is because I do not get the same benefit from other professions. If I need mats for something I need to go to the AH and buy them. If I need a gem or a gem cut I expect to pay for services rendered. Now the lowest asshole in the group, the idiot who may not be pulling his weight or taking advantage of the group. Some jerk I wouldn't help if they asked in trade, now has access to my profession without my consent.
If Blizzard intends to do this I would ask that any leather that is skinned, ore that is mined or herbs that picked in the instance also go up for a roll. It would only be fair right? Should I now be asking for rolls on profession based items that others pick up? Should I think that I have the right to your leather or cobalt, or any gems that might come from mining that node? I don't and the general population doesn't.

I understand that this change comes from the caveat that there will be no trading items in dungeons except conjured items. Thus eliminating gold sellers and players from trading high level items and gold in dungeons. How they'd do that in a random dungeon I don't know, but I'm sure someone would figure it out. I respect that. So now I have questions.....
I am a warlock, I carry water on me for just in case and what if the healer in the group forgot and is low on water? Or only came with 5 and it turns out that the group was having some problems on a mob or boss and they find they need more? I have plenty...I cannot give my extra water to my healer? I cannot give food that might help them do their job better, thus helping to ensure the success of my group? What if I don't have a feast to put out but I have some other type of food?
What if, I am in a group with 2 other guild members and I want to give them something to help them while in the run?
Blizzard has offered a solution. It seems you can hearth out and be ported back into the instance but come on! I want to move on! I have stuff I can give to move along and help out the team! Why can't I use them?!
Next, as mentioned above, why then can I not roll on ore, herbs or leather gathered by others?

My solution. If you insist on making this change, don't make it with the stipulation that only if there is an enchanter in the group will this option appear. Make that option part of the normal roll selection whether there is an enchanter in the group or not.
This does not make me feel better about it but it does make me feel like I'm not being taken advantage of, and that my profession is being used without my permission.

You Know You've Played Too Much WoW When....

This was on my guild's forums and I loved it and thought I'd bring a blast from the past and post them here.

The question:
You know you've played too much WoW......

You wake up on your birthday and scream *DING*  -Syladaris

You are hungry and look in the fridge. You think to yourself "Darn, I don't have all the mats to make that club sandwich." -Syladaris

You think of your job as PVE and your significant other as PVP.  -Syladaris

When you consider a conversation with your significant other as faction aggro. -Rorac

When you are dieing of thirst and want a drink of mana. -Darlenea

When you talk on the phone to someone and exclaim that you mined ore, killed people, and escorted the princess from the tower last night and realize you are at work and everyone just heard you loud and clear! -Feorah

When you dig in your back yard and think to yourself that you are leveling your mining skill. -Randombeast

When you realize you are sending emails at work that include words like thot, ppl, omg, lol and faces (emotes). :) : / etc  -Zabine

When you start referring to things in your life as being a level... for example we were level 34's working on our level 52 Elite house and it was kicking our butts until we brought out the level 58 sledgehammer.  -Zabine

You refer to tasks like taking out the garbage, laundry and loading the dishwasher as doing your dailies. -Rorac

When you get called into the supervisors office over the radio at work....(think now what have I done) and he starts to ask you how and where to go to level up his toon and how to kill this or that.  -Darlenea

When you find yourself daydreaming at work about how you can obtain that primal nether and gee, only if you could give it to someone for you cool new hat...wouldn't it be nice!  -Sheebaquen

When you find yourself dreaming about healing people with rejuvenation in the hospital. -Sheebaquen

This weekend we were at a restaurant with a dock shaped like a cross. As I walked on it towards the water I found myself thinking that if i go straight, it'll take me to Exodar, left goes to Menethil Bay and right goes to Darnassus.
The sad part about it was that I shared what I was thinking with my Eline [daughter] and she completely understood without a more detailed explanation. -Randombeast

When you look in your closet to pick out what to wear that day and wonder what stats that blue sweater has, and is it socketed. -Feorah

When you wish you could shift click on an outfit to see how it would look on you. -Feorah

When you see someone you don't like and automatically yell out for your pet to attack. -Draugcuron

When you wonder how your WoW family is doing ... and do they have enough potions... -Darlenea

When you realize you have 3 FREAKIN LVL 70's in the guild. -Rickyboby (now he has 3 80's..or is it 4??)

When you realize you're IM'ing people and using slash commands to communicate. /smile /sad -Zabine

Hope we made you smile :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

R U A Jackass?

Check it out. Funny reading and not bad info. Encourage all to use. New jackasses go out on Twitter if you follow.

WoW Jackass

What are you doing?

After the family stress that has gone on it was no surprise when I caught the...well something. I won't call it the flu because honestly, I'm not sure what I had, er have. I still have it yet. Could be just a cold that decided to keep me down a bit longer than 24 or 48 hours.
I have the distinct feeling that I'm missing two months of my life. From mid September to now it has been a blur. I've been ensconced in a hospital parking structure for what seems like an eternity. When you start giving directions to others you know you've been there too long. On the flip side when not traveling back and forth to the hospital or being bed-ridden myself I have managed quite a bit in my WoW life. It's amazing what a little stress will drive you to do to avoid it. And yes folks, I used WoW to get away; and really my friends in game became my outlet for my grief, stress and fears. Thank you all for being there. Even if you didn't know it, having someone to talk to when I was alone at home made it much easier to move through it I think. I am a dweller. Be it past, present or future I will worry myself to death over something given half a chance. To have something to divert my focus helped me cope a bit better.
So what have I been up to you might ask?  Quite a bit.
Zabine is now Crusader with Argent Tourney. After putting it off I've finally completed all 5 factions and opened up the crusader dailies and am nearly exalted with Silver Cov. Those dailies are incredibly boring. I finished them just in time to get my next toon started.
Moondream, my first alt and warrior has now begun the argent dailies. I have finally been able to finish some more of Stormpeaks with my husband and opened up the Hodir dailies. Let the polishing begin! The only problem I am having on her is getting her JC up to par. Doing the dailies for tokens is getting to be a pain. I think the daily cooking quest has spoiled me. Everything is right there in easy reach so having to trek all over Northrend is tedious for me. I'm trying to work it in with the Wyrmrest dailies and get into the Hodir and Argent tourney ones but when trying to run 2 toons thru the dailies its a pain. She also has Oracles yet to do but I really didn't care for those the first time around with Zab, who is not yet exalted with them either.
Next up is Bluhighway, my DK. She is now 450 engineering and just needs the rep to get the Chopper pattern. Yes folks, you know what that means!...more dailies to grind out. She has become my ore farmer at the moment. Being engineering it's very easy to troll for eternals while hunting for the elusive titanium node. I don't have much of a desire to play her though I am seriously considering going back to unholy, regearing her weapon from 2h to 1 and bringing her out a little more. After that is my Pally. Currently sitting at level 78 I have gotten her BS high enough to open up the titansteel cooldown and the titansteel armor. She is 440 and just waiting for mats to start crafting all that wonderful epic gear. I'm not sure how I feel about leveling her but with only 2 left to go it seems like a waste to not do it. However, as you can see from the others, I've been busy busy busy. Next in line is Brennii, my disc priest and alchemist. Right now at 65 her alchemy has reached 350 and she will soon be hitting Northrend for training. Though whether or not she will level any further is hit or miss.
Let me sidestep here for a second and say that my husband plays. We have alotted a couple of toons which we play together and as we level different ones different toons get paired up. His priest and my pally played for a bit until 77 when I realized it was time to bring up the warrior. Once Moon hit 77 we changed it up and the warrior priest combo went the distance to 80 together. My priest and his shammy have been together (Draenei) since they were "born". So the leveling on them falls into certain criteria. When we both want to play, play those toons, and play which each other. So, they don't get moved all that often. For a time, Brennii was the guild banker. She sat in Ironforge and cleaned up the guild bank and sold off extra items.
During this last month of RL avoidance time I created a shammy and she is level 25 or 26, somewhere in there. I wanted to check it out. She is fun and I will play around with her in the future I'm sure. She was a very nice distraction from GM/guild stressors and I love playing the first 20 levels and starting areas. Now she waits ... lol.
In the mean time I have several other toons not in the guild or on another server that I use to get away. I have a 38 mage which is currently holding a one-man guild and bank for some of my storage. I have a bank alt/mule that is strictly AH in another guild I share with a guildmate that is his bank, and I have a toon in holding for Cataclysm. I had begun a druid but now I've decided to wait with her until the new quests open up.
On another server I have some horde toons. Having once heard that you have only seen half the game if you've only played one faction I wanted to see how the other side worked. Those toons reside on Shandris with some horde toons of some other guildies. We've created a guild over there and once in a great while I visit. I am pretty much the only one too lol.  I have a level 50 hunter, a level 30-something shammy, a DK who is still 58, a shadow preist who is not yet 30 and some miscellaneous others that I havent touched in months.
What I've found that I'm doing is consolidating, getting all my toons back in order and getting my head back into the game. Sleepwalking through WoW is as bad as sleepwalking through real life. Both are boring drudgery and it's time to get back into the fray. Back into the fight!
That's it. Now that we're all back up to speed let's go play some WoW!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Hello folks its been a while. RL has taken its toll on me these last few weeks and I haven't felt like writing much. Unless you want to hear of my family troubles.... lol
So, to that point and with the most recent patch I'm going to hit some lore. While there is plenty out there to find I'd like to take a shot at the wondrous Black Dragonflight.
From what I can tell Onyxia first appeared in patch 1.12 or very close to that. She began as a forty-man raid for level 60. With the new patch 3.2.2, she has been updated to bring 10 and 25 man raiding back to the Dragonmurk area of Dustwallow Marsh.
The attunement for her used to be long and arduous for us Alliance folks. Beginning in BRD with the release of Marshall Windsor it takes you back and forth to Winterspring before you finally reveal Onyxia's true form in Stormwind. There is no longer an attunement for Ony, however the quest chain is still available.
Onyxia is the daughter of Neltharion (aka Deathwing) and his one remaining consort Sintharia (aka Lady Sinestra).
Ony thrives on creating dissension and political upheaval in the mortal races around her, and took on the guise of Lady Katrana Prestor, an advisor to Anduin Wrynn, while the King was being held captive. Her brother is Nefarion, the infamous last boss in Black Wing Lair. It is said that she worked with the Defias Brotherhood in orchestrating the capture and detainment of Varian Wrynn so that she could press her interests in Stormwind and the Alliance. She would use her political clout to pit the various factions in the area against each other, and to keep them away from herself and her brother Nefarion.
Neltharion is promised to make an appearance in the upcoming expansion, Cataclysm, as the reason why all the upheaval in the world of Azeroth takes place. I can't wait to see it actually. Lady Sinestra can be found now in Outlands in Shadowmoon Valley where she makes a brief appearance to the orcs on the Netherwing Ledge asking for more Netherdragon eggs to be delivered to her. According to the lore laid out in the book "Night of the Dragon" she resided in Grim Batol for a time, bent on creating a new dragon race to take over the world.

If you are interested in doing the quest chain:
Alliance begin with Marshal Maxwell at the Morgan's Vigil fight point in Burning Steppes, the quest is "Marshal Windsor" and it is to find Marshal Windsor in BRD (Black Rock Depths). At one point after he is rescued the chain dies and you need to find the quest "A Crumpled Note". It is a drop from mobs in BRD, usually around his jail cell area.
Horde begin with Goretooth who is located in a tower in Kargath in the badlands. That quest chain is called "Warlord's Command". Having not done it I can't give specifics about the chain.
Doing a search in WoWHead for either of those quest chains will get you started.

For further info on Onyxia lore any of the main wow sites can be accessed. Here are a few links:
WoW Wiki
There are also a few books out there in the Warcraft series that deal specifically with the Black Dragons. "The Demon Soul" from the trilogy "War of the Ancients" covers Deathwings rise and fall as well as the first encounters with the Burning Legion, the beginnings of Alliance, druidism and of course Queen Azshara and the "Sundering". "Night of the Dragon" covers Lady Sinestra and her plots. Both of these books also have the stories of Korialstratz (Krasus; the red dragon consort to Lady Alexstrasza) and Rhonin and Vareesa, the two figures now residing in the Violet Citadel in Dalaran.

For me, the Black Dragonflight family has always been very interesting. Perhaps because of the evil and secrecy surrounding them.

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 [not WoW related]

Just want to take a moment to remember this day in our very recent history.
When Sept 11, 2001 had come and gone I had written a story of what I was feeling, where I was, and what I was doing that day. I was thinking of posting it here but I don't know. Who wants to read about the first 4 hours of my day, so far away from what was really going on.
I've just reread it. The feelings I had that day. The fear and panic I experienced come flooding back. We are so lucky in this country that we don't have to feel that fear of invasion and war in our backyards. There are no bombs blowing up our homes, no soldiers taking our loved ones away. But I can imagine it. I can put myself in that place and feel that fear and wonder why, or more to the point how, we can do these things to each other. That people have decided that others should not live because they believe in something different or live differently. It angers me.
Then I remember it is human nature to wage war on someone or something. To band together for a cause, be it real or imagined. Regardless, it still boggles my mind how we can treat each other so horribly. Not just I don't like you, but I will kill you for it. Not just words but sticks and stones.
"All you need is Love"? Beatles - All You Need Is Love
Wishing the world a better day xoxo

Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello there...if you're following this and wondering where I've been in game lately (Ror). Work has been kicking my ass. Over the next month I am covering for my boss, changing my days off, covering my co-workers, working with incoming HHN (Halloween Horror Nights) and have an upcoming vacation with relatives visiting. When I get home from work my brain is so fried from listening and talking and processing information that all I can do is sit and stare at the TV. And I'm perfectly happy with that :). Every brain needs a rest and sometimes even WoW takes too much thinking to get in to.
I find that I tend to be the guild cheerleader so I hope they don't suffer in my absence. On the other side, I miss everyone.
I will probably not be on as much through the month of September.
C'ya soon.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Cataclysm - items and stats

Hi all,
Sorry for the delay between posts but its been, as usual, a heck of a week. Work, the guild and life in general, always seem to find a way to change my plans.
This installment is from the Blizzcon Class Items & Professions Panel discussion. The biggest piece of news to come from this panel was the change in item statistics. In game items will no longer have the following stats on them:
Spell Power (SP)
Attack Power (AP)
Armor Penetration in the same form
Block in the same form
It looks like we are harkening back to the days when items (gear and weapons) contained the core stats such as Intel, Spirit, Stam etc and those stats modified the secondary stats listed above. Here's the lowdown.
MP5 (mana per 5 seconds) will be controlled through Spirit. Spell Power as well as mana regen will be modified by Intel. Attack Power will be based on Agility. Defense and Armor Pen will come thru the talent tree and the new mastery system. Block, while I dont claim to understand it, will become a mitigation for incoming damage, and was described as being similar to Dodge. In the same vein, Stamina will no longer have anything to do with Spell Power, Attack Power or Defense. In essence Stam = health and its possible for plate wearers and clothies alike to have similar it not the same HP.
Haste, which essentially caused casters to push buttons faster, will work the same for melee. It was also stated that it may possibly increase regen of rage, energy, focus and/or runic power. It very much sounded like it was still up for discussion as to how exactly it will work.

Very short and to the point which was nice. This panel was very quick, leaving a lot of time for Q & A.

I think this is awesome. I always wondered what prompted the Blizz think-tank to come up with more math for one stat than the average CalSci classroom. It has always seemed like an annoyance. Hit, Crit, AP, Def all seem this convoluted mess that only a dedicated math wiz would tackle. In the end, for me the average Joe, I just stacked whatever seemed best or whatever the latest trends told me was the right way to go. I did do some research on my own, but I was rarely ever able to scratch the surface. I don't know if converting back to the "old days" will make any difference to me as far as the math goes. I can say with certainty though, I seemed to be able to understand it better when 1 stat like Spirit, modified 1 or 2 other stats like health or mana regen. I could measure those effects myself by simply taking off and putting on gear and looking at the numbers. After some simple calculations, if I recall correctly, 1 Stam = 20 hp, or something along those lines. I could look at it and understand what the gear was modifying. I may not have understood all the mathematical ramifications but I could get from A to B and look at C and say, "Oh ok I can see how it works", even if abstractly. Now it seems like every time I change a piece of gear it becomes an equation and balancing act if I want to maintain the stats I think "might" be the right ones for me. I have regemmed more gear just from changing one piece of armor than ever before. I am hoping this will make my personal math hell a little easier. So all I can say at this point is /cross fingers. ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cataclysm - races/classes

I'm tired today so I'm going to do the next bits in installments. Here are the new race/class combos. I am not going to go over the new racials, but the plan is all current racials are being looked at to make sure they are all at the same level of cool.
The biggest changes will be to Hunters and Warlocks as far as class changes.
Hunters will no longer be on a mana system but will be utilizing Energy/Focus instead.
Warlocks shard system is being revamped and shards will no longer take up inventory space. The system is not yet completely fleshed out for either class so to speculate would be a little premature.

Night Elf

Blood Elf

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crazy Weekend - Blizzcon & my thoughts

This is my intermittent post. It has been a crazy Blizzcon weekend. Even though I was not able to attend I did totally geek out via DirecTV, Twitter and Ustream.
I am currently sitting on Ustream waiting for the wowinsider show to start with their wrapup for the day, after listening to the instance ustream just about all day while the PPV covered SC2 and D3. As well as starting up this blog.
So this is my chance to put my own thoughts down. Cataclysm is gonna be freaky wild shit. I am so excited to be revisiting old world content though I am terribly sorry to see some of it change. When they said that Southshore is gone and Auberdine is a wreck my jaw dropped. The changes will be so beyond different from what I leveled up in 4 years ago, and have lived in just about every day since. Its like an old friend and it feels kinda lost to me at the moment.
I am excited about the worgen but unsure about goblins. Goblins never struck me as allying with any particular faction but I can see the logic. At least it wont mess with Booty Bay, Gadgetzan or Everlook. I truly can't wait to explore it all and FLY! Have been dying for that since flying came out in BC.
I do have to add that these announcements, for me, really convince me of how much Blizzard seems to care about their product. While we all bitch and moan about this thing or that thing they seem to show an unending patience to weed through all of it and to try and make it right. Even if that means nerfing DK's to create more balance.
I am excited to see how the patches before the expansion will play out. I really had tons of fun with the zombie invasion, even when I had to hide in the back of the IF vault to DE items from the mail to keep from getting the plague. It was still great fun and I spent a lot of time hanging with friends and guildies in game just stomping around killing zombified people. It is truly the small moments in WoW that make it the most enjoyable for me. Laughing with people I like to hang with. Ok enough sobby stuff.
I am not sure how I feel about the new warlock shard system but really there's not much to say until I play it. The new talent trees look much easier and much more fun. The ancient glyph system seems pretty accessible and I'm really interested in what the paths are and mean to everyone. Each path must have a theme of sorts right?
I am most happy about the guild management, guild achievement, guild currency stuff. As a guild leader I'm excited to bring my guildmates into guild decisions such as talents etc and possibly solidify the group more as a whole. I can envision guild-wide meetings. I also really like the idea of being able to invite other guilds to your events. It will make coordinating with our sister guild much easier.
Speaking of...I'm gonna pop on and play some for the first time in several days :)  while I listen to WoWInsider do their wrap up. Which hasnt started yet by the way. lol

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cataclysm - WoW land, map and quest changes

Hi guys,
I'm not quite sure the best way to break up this info but I'm going to give it a go.  I am not going to cover specific stats. I am more of a lore person myself so the story lines and ideas are what I tend to focus on. For all my sources please also take a gander at my first post to see where you can find more in depth information.
Cataclysm is the next WoW expansion set. While there is no hard release date it sounds like we can expect to have it in hand some time next year before the next Blizzcon.
There are several story lines taking place, as with all WoW xpac's there is not just one focus. This expansion will be revamping the entire original game. The main event takes a little lore explaining. There are a series of WoW related books surrounding these events. Warcraft "War of the Ancients" Trilogy can best explain events leading up to Neltharion's (aka Deathwing) growing madness as well as Queen Azshara, the Burning Legion and the original sundering episode which also leads up to Burning Crusade. They also explain Ronin and Vareesa, who are now NPC's in Dalaran. It was very cool to see them there by the way.
Neltharion is the black dragonflight leader and the aspect of earth. He is driven mad by whisperings of the old gods in his head and tries to detroy the other dragonflights or aspects. We have met them all now, Red, Gold, Blue and Green in Northrend. Neltharion is eventually imprisoned by his peers. Cataclysm picks up where Neltharion bursts from his prison under the earth and causes great upheaval throughout the lands of Azeroth. Great volcanoes, floods and sundering of the land is expected to take place. In keeping with Blizzard's past earth changing and expansion events I'm hoping we will see some of this as it enfolds across the land just prior to the expansion coming out. Please know that whether you purchase the expansion or not the world of Azeroth as we know it will change. You do not have to have the expansion to see all these changes. Some of the artwork can be seen here:WoW artwork

Here are the maps of what to expect.
   (screenshot of current map)

Map with new ares for Cataclysm- not to scale  (
There will be 7 new zones.
     Worgen starting area, levels 1-15. Neltharion bursts thru and the great destruction creates a break in the Graymane wall. The citizens emerge and join with the Alliance.

The Lost Isles
     Goblin starting area, levels 1-15. The flooding of the great cataclysm has left survivors out on forgotten islands. The Horde befriends these lost souls and they join with the Horde.
Mount Hyjal
     One of the 2 new starting zones, level 78-82. Malfurion Stormrage has emerged from the Emerald Dream and has again joined forces with the Children of Cenarius to help protect the World Tree from Ragnaros.
Sunken City of Vashj'ir
    One of the 2 new starting zones, level 78-82. Azshara has been ruling under the waves in this underwater city. This area will contain two 5-man dungeons called the Abyssal Maw. Underwater flying mounts were mentioned in conjunction with this area.
Twilight Highlands
    All leaders must have followers. Here lies Deathwings new lair along with his devoted Cult of the Twilights Hammer. This area will contain two 5 man dungeons and Grim Batol (raid).
    The great wall has come down during the destuction of Azeroth exposing a city of the ancients, and a new race, the Tol'vir. Two 5-man dungeons and a raid will be here. There is purportedly a great weapon of destruction buried here that all factions want to get their hands on.
    The original location from which Neltharion sprang. It will have an entire underground area which will be tied to a new instance/or instances located in Blackrock Spire, Deathwings Decent.
All together there are several new dungeons planned and 4 10/25 raids. This area will also be a hub of sorts for all the new zones. It will contain portals to all the other new areas.
Level Progression by Area
There will be 2 "starter zones" to choose from
Mount Hyjal and Vashj'ir --> Deepholm --> Uldum --> Twilight Highlands

All other zones throughout the Old World will be affected to some degree or another. Many will receive almost complete new looks. Here are some area changes that were mentioned.
Barrens will be torn in half and become northern and southern. Lush tropical areas instead of desert.
Desolace will also be transformed into a more lush area.
Darkshore will be wrecked as the Night Elves are forced to move North and the Horde become more entrenched in that area.
Stonetalon, the Charred Vale becomes "the more charred vale". The Talondeep Path is no more. Torn out by the Goblins in the area it is now a valley between the two areas.
Azshara will be changed to a level 10-20 Goblin area and new Goblin camps move in.
Dark Whisper Gorge will become part of Mount Hyjal and become a gateway to that area.
All major cities will be getting revamps to allow for flying.

Along with area visual changes there will be reconfiguring of all the quests and quest areas to provide for a better flowing experience. Most areas will be reduced to about a 5 level gain, and will offer good progression through the zones. In other words, you will not be stuck in STV for 15 levels.

Along with the new zones there will be one PVP area similar to Wintergrasp named Tol Barad. The battle will begin at intervals and the winning faction will have access to a dungeon and more daily quests and rewards. This Island has not been completely fleshed out as to its location, but was reputed to be off Southshore & Wetlands inside that bay. In addition to this PVP zone there will be a new battleground, Battle for Gilneas, and new arena(s).

Upcoming patch info

Hi again,
Here is some basic upcoming info just given up in the raids and dungeons discussion panel which includes some releases prior to Cataclysm. I wanted to cover these for guildies in case they were looking for the info.

Patch 3.3 Release scheduled for November some time
Onyxia returns in an updated raid
Onyxia herself will be updated with a few new spells and abilities but for the most part sounds to be very similar to what she used to be at level 60. Deep Breath and whelps will still be part of the fun. I dont recall if this will be available for both 10 & 25 groups.
Her loot has been updated to fall in line with current boss loot drops but what is great is it is her old loot but given new stats. All the tier 2 helms and weapons will be available with upgraded stats. They have also rounded out her loot table to include some items that were previously found in MC (Molten Core)

The following information will be released before Wrath is finally complete and we move into Cataclysm. Though with what patches and when was not completely divulged.

Cross Realm LFG. That's right. If you have an alt and you're trying to run Stocks and can't find a group you can look across realms and play with others. This system will only be implemented for 5 mans to begin with and will start with realms within your battlegroup. There will be rewards for using the system. One example; leading a group you will receive an additional reward. What that is was not disclosed.

Ice Crown
3 new 5 man dungeons will open up in Ice Crown all heavily related to the Lich King. You're first time through you will be following a quest chain and the dungeons will have to be done sequentially. Once the quest chain in completed you can go into any dungeon at any time.
Ice Crown Citadel and the final raid. Yes you will finally be able to kill the Lich King. No he will not drop Frostmourne but will drop a legendary Axe named Shadowmourne. There are currenty no stats avail on this drop. This raid will consist of 12 bosses in a wing type instance.

Thats the new news. Please share and enjoy.


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All the info I have is from the PPV, live feed and a number of people that are also posting and blogging on this. I am planning on getting all the info here in one spot if possible. My sources include: (wow insider and their on-scene bloggers) (stompalina and their crew)
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