Saturday, August 28, 2010


The other night I had a terrific karmic moment. While the PUG didn't go all that smooth there was one moment that just made it all worth it.

The group was comprised of myself on my warrior, doing dps instead of tanking this time. My hubby on his holy priest, a prot pally, an unholy dk and a hunter. The instance: Oculus (heroic).
The tank was very congenial and asked up front if everyone was staying before we started. Then he immediately stopped talking and just stood there. It was clear to me he'd DC'd. The hunter jumped around and went and pulled the first group. The DK and I ran up and took them out. The tank still wasn't moving. The hunter jumped around some more then pulled the next group. Now I'm slightly annoyed and ask they wait, the tank isn't with us. This is what happened.

Vote to kick tank
me: No
Vote to kick tank
me: No
Vote to kick tank
me: No
/sigh (now more annoyed)

In my mind you should be able to give people more than 2 minutes to get back. If this guy, who seemed pretty damn nice, is having a problem he deserves the benefit of the doubt and at least 5 minutes to get his issues worked out. I have no problem with this. I have system issues all the time unfortunately, but once they get sorted out things are fine if people can just hold their panties on.
By now, if you haven't, I have decided this is a huntard. He's one of those idiots that thinks it's ok to just run around and nuke everything without regard to the rest of the group.
Tank returns after only 3-4 minutes gone stating his power went out. I'm thinking poor guy ok lets go.
The rest of the instance is fairly normal, though my respect for the tank goes down through the course of the instance as I watch him let the hunter set the pace.
We take down the 2nd boss, Varos, and then procede up to the next ring. The huntard has decided he's going to drop right down onto the guy before the mobs spawn and stand there. He nearly dies that first pull. We move to the next ring segment. All of a sudden the hunter goes off the ledge and dies. My husband thinks he was knocked off somehow then we see the tell. "disengage is right next to misdirect on my bar". That is where I just laughed my ass off. This guy, who apparently thinks he's the shit, had disengaged himself off the side of the ledge. I LOL'd extensively at him and just chuckled to myself through the rest of the run.

Somehow, that one little moment made all the annoying crap he was doing up until then, worth it just for the laugh.

Monday, August 23, 2010

T-shirts for BlizzCon

My mom loves embroidery. Has a terrific machine and everything. I asked her to make me some shirts with our guild name and logo for me for BlizzCon.

I think they're awesome and so I'm going to post some pics here for the guildies to view. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Immediate Future...

That was just a clever title. I have nothing much to mention these days so here's a recap of the last week or 2.

I have been on my first ICC25 PUG. It was good, we got as far as Rot & Fester, which is about as far as I've done on 10man.

I have been finishing up my humanities class, which I passed with a B. Not the best but not as bad as I thought I was doing.

I have leveled my horde hunter another 3 levels, pushed her leatherworking to 350 and got her ass out to Northrend. At 69 she is doing well in Howling Fjord. woot!

The weekend 10man has gone once out of 3 weeks. I'm ok with that. We should be good to go for another run this weekend.

I have bought my own domain currently being supported through google so it is similar to this. It also requires me learning more about web stuffs. I am reluctant to post it here as there is not much to it at the moment but what the heck.

Other than personal stuff going on in RL that's about it. No beta yet, nothing grand to report...doing dailies and biding time I suppose. Leveling alts and losing my mind.  (almost sounds like a bad country song lol)