Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Naked Warlock

In light of all the releases of the new character models I am reminded of a short chapter in my WoW history that I'd like to share with everyone. I think I can look past my embarrassment now sufficiently to do it justice. It's not a long story but it is humorous.

I had never had a chance to see my character without any armor on and can say, up until this particular point in time, never had any inclination to do so. I'm not quite sure what made me want to do it when I did.

Zab was level 30 or so and was questing through Darkshire when all of a sudden I wondered what my character would look like without clothes on. Did she have underwear? Was she naked? Would Blizzard put naked characters in the game? Did she look like a Barbie doll?! Up to this point in my short WoW career I had never been witness to the night elf female dancing mailbox phenomena that I've heard tell about many times, and had never seen any character running around naked. At least not that I had noticed. Who knows. A drove of naked somethings could have ridden by me on the road in Stormwind, and so intent was I in my early WoW playing to find and complete quests, that I surely wouldn't have noticed a bit.

Anyways...I am getting off on a tangent. So I'm running around in Duskwood, literally. This was when you didn't get a mount until level 40, and I decided I really wanted to know just what was under my characters robes. I was at the bottom of the large graveyard just off the road, you know where you get give the jittery guy his ghoul giblets (the place that now has a worgen camp), and I stopped. I turned my character around to see if anyone else was lurking nearby. Oh my god I cannot just stand here in the road and strip down in front of other people can I! There was no one else around but for some reason that was just not good enough. If you're familiar with the area there are a couple of shacks just off the road there that are empty. So to stave off any possible embarrassing situations I took my toon into one of those huts. That, my friends, was where I was brave enough to strip my human female warlock of her robes and take a peek. I felt very weird about this at the time.

Afterwards, with my curiosity satisfied, I put all her armor back on her, and came out of the little house. I felt just a little silly that I needed to go into a hut to strip my assemblage of pixels of her clothing. When I think back on it now it makes me giggle at how silly the situation was, and how funny it is that I felt it was indecent to just strip my toon out in public.

So there you have it. My little naked warlock story. :)
By the way, I still don't care to run her around in public without clothes on.