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I have been playing World of Warcraft since July or August of 2005, roughly 6 months before the launch of Burning Crusade. Long enough to hit 60 about a month before it dropped, but short enough to never see any of the original raid content until much later.
I began my WoW life in the same guild of which I became, and I guess still am, the Guild Leader. My main is a warlock and I tend to focus on warlock and other dps stuff. I do have a plethora of alts and my "second" seems to change regularly. Currently I am running a balance druid with a resto pvp off-spec as my second toon.
I am generally a casual player and I enjoy a bit of everything. Dungeons, raids, questing, pvp, and exploration are all viable options for me. I am more partial to questing I think, and I believe that is the primary reason I have so many alts. I am big on following a story line and questing an entire zone.
I play both Alliance (my primary/main) and Horde though they reside on different servers. More so to understand the lore from both perspectives. I have an underlying tendency toward RP, so they remain on different servers to preserve that distinction and allow for the full 10 slots for each side.

I began playing WoW by accident as a way to get through a tough situation in my life and just give my brain something else to focus on. Little did I know the allure of the game and the people that I've become friends with have kept me steadfast.

I began this blog on my guilds home website. I think it was a way to talk about the game when I couldn't play it and a way to impart my opinions without being a pain in gchat (though I think I still do that). In this format, people can choose to read or not read. Agree or not agree.
As time went by and I became more engrossed in the WoW community as a whole I wanted to make my opinions more public, and moved my journal to a blogger site.
Currently I am a WoW podcast fanatic and am adding more to my collection each month as time allows. I have begun reading other blogs and columns as well.
I have no particular interest toward great readership though we all want to believe that others will like and respect our opinions. So perhaps in that respect I'm lying. lol
For those interested in my guild here is our information.

<Phalanx of Nod> Dalaran US Alliance

I moved my main and several others to this server and guild in 2017. You can find me as Zabbine. I am still the guild leader of the old guild but it is not used very often any longer. :(
<Kaldorei Guardians>  Kael'thas US Alliance - I still have toons here but they are not active
I also have some grown up Hoard as well on Area 52, but they are casual. 

Podcaster with Twisted Nether Blogcast. and OffTopicTech

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