Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Korthia or Bust

9.1.5 came out. Lately I have been taking my Shaman through the Venthyr story line. I would like to get my main, who is Necrolord, further into the stitch factory and that requires anima. So I'm changing tacks. I'm going to go back to Korthia to continue working on that rep.

I stopped in Korthia soon after finishing all the introduction quests and have not done much in terms of world quests. Last night, as I was doing world quests in Shadowlands proper and taking out elite mobs in Revendreth, I thought, this is silly. If I'm going to do world quests I should be doing them for the newest area instead of tooling around older content. Especially if I'm looking to make anima faster, and that is the least for Zab. 

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