Blogger Tips

How to post a pop up hover tool tip for WoW items.
1) Go to your lay out editor
2) Create a new "HTML/Javascript" gadget anywhere on the page. Don't fill in the title box.
3) Add this code for a WoWHead linked item.
  <script src=""></script>

4) Save that box anywhere on your page you like. It will not show from the front side.
5) When creating your blog post in the "Compose" area use the link box. Add the direct item link url into the "Web Address" box and then type the text of the item in the "Text to Display" box.
The hover over feature will work from the posted blog, not from your New Post area.
For further information, or scripts for other WoW database sites check out this blog post at Blog Azeroth.
Help with wow item popups