Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random Drop

I feel like writing today but about nothing in particular. So here is the Saturday random drop? lol

Got my druid to 85 and was really excited to take her to Tol Barad. She is a leatherworker and those crocs have just been calling my name. It was a blast but boy I need better gear. She is currently ilevel 308, so we have a little to go yet before heroics. She's about half way through Uldum with only Twilight Highlands left to go after. Then the dailies will strike and we'll see how long I will keep up with her.

My DK, who hit 85 a while ago, is still sitting. So I guess the love has worn off for that one. I enjoyed the leveling and mining for volatiles but almost as soon as she hit 85 I quit logging in. I am so fickle.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Daily Quest - RP Moment

While stealing Gigantic Catfish. I fully expect the fisherman to turn around and make a comment, and smack me in the head with his fishing pole.

A Fisherman's Feast; brought to you by the fine fishermen of Stormwind. Boy do we have a lure for you!