Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Day in Orgrimaar

I have to share this story with you because we just had so much fun!

Last week a guildie from my main guild, Kaldorei Guardians (A), sent me a text and wanted to know if I felt like hopping on. It seems they had gotten a small party of guildies together and were fishing in Orgrimaar. I asked if the Horde were allowing it and she replied that it seemed so so far.

I logged on my worgen druid, who is in nearly a full set of healing pvp gear and they summoned me over. Right to the center of the goblin district LOL. No one seemed to really notice us. I quickly moved the group to the Valley of Honor so that we could work on Old Crafty. After a short length of time other guildmates got on-line and we began adding to our party. I began to invite friends along as well. Once we had about 6 we started to get some notice and hordies were popping up everywhere to come look at us and decide what to do about this Alliance infestation.
Once they outnumbered us they began their assault. I have to say that we did pretty well. We began to gather more people from our guild and wound up with two tanks, three healers and some random dps. Our group grew to about nine people and that group fluctuated throughout the afternoon as people went to do housework or whatever.
We spent the next 2 hours running around Orgrimaar, dieing, running back, rezzing in various areas, and generally trying to be a pain in the ass to the Horde. It was tremendous fun! A bit masochistic it seems but we were having a blast. We took another few hours and traveled about the Horde cities getting Wrath of the Alliance.
Never have I spent so much time in world PVP, being on a Normal server we just don't get this chance very often unless you go out and instigate it. We really had a lot of fun and are seriously considering how to form up a rated battle group. It is in the works and we hope to have a night set up very soon.

I would recommend to anyone that you get a few guildies together and go harass the other faction for a while. You never know what fun and mischief you might get into!

Random Drop - Reading Up on Jane Austen

Hello there,
So here we are. It's been too long. In an effort to get my house on the market I have been spending a lot of time cleaning. Between that and work there has not been a lot of time for blogging. There has been a good deal of time for reading in between these hectic days. I found my stash of Jane Austen books while packing and have been re-reading them. Oh the joy of books! Jane Austen is rather easy and innocuous. It doesn't take any of my much needed daytime brain power to get through and they are rather enjoyable stories. At least to girls.

But what does this have to do with WoW you might ask? Nothing at all :p, I was just sharing.:)

Ok so the latest WoW stuff...hmmm.
We're raiding very well. For going one day a week we are getting down 3-4 bosses, not the fastest but not bad either. We are adding another day in the near future.

The new LFG (looking for guild) feature is good and bad. I like that so many people are interested in our guild, but it is a pain to sift through. People write the craziest things on applications and we don't even consider anyone unless they put in some comment. With all the influx of new guildies, guild drama has again raised it's ugly head. I am seriously considering a moratorium on new recruits until this batch settles down.

The new ZA/ZG dungeons are fun and a bit complex. I have had too many PUG wipes on them already and I'm not playing a lot. Hmm...that's not so good. The loot that is dropping is 353-359 purple and is very decent. It is good for filling in those missing epic spots you may have left in your wardrobe if you're not raiding extensively.

There are new cooking and fishing dailies in other cities. If you're bored with doing the standard Orgrimaar/Stormwind ones you can go in search of new. You can only choose one cooking and one fishing of the entire set. Such as, if you do the cooking daily in Darnassus, the other cooking quests will not be available to you. Only one a day regardless of which city you do it in.

BLIZZCON 2011!!  I haz gots tix! Woot! And an awesome plan. A guildie of mine found a ticket to buy also, and he happens to be the one who got me the room last year. I am so excited!!
My travel buddy will be Fimlys from Twisted Nether and my roommate will be a guildie that I get to drag around with me to all the fabulous shin-digs. I am set to go! Just have to finalize the travel arrangements and we're good. I cannot wait!