Saturday, October 2, 2021

How to get your class order mount from Legion retroactively

I am working on my 1st(warlock), 2nd(warrior), 3rd(death knight), 4th(demon hunter), 5th(hunter), 6th(druid), 7th toon mount (shaman in case you're interested). Every once in a while I take a toon and go back and go through the steps to get this done. As I've gone through my toons they have had less and less completed in Legion and it's taken a fair bit to find the ends of the quests I left behind to figure out how to get these done. This time I thought I'd write it up and put it out there. Even if it's only for my reference for the next time I head out to kill all the demons yet again. 

Working backwards...You will have a final quest chain to get your mount. To get that you have to finish the achievement Breaching the Tomb. Everything else you will need to finish in your order hall is to get you to this achievement. The biggest hurtle is completing the achievement Champions of Legionfall which is also a step in Breaching the Tomb. This achievement must be completed by getting your patch 7.1 follower. To do that you must complete your order hall campaign parts and get all your other followers.

First, you will want to have at least one toon that has gone through the entire Legion thing and gotten the achievements from the campaigns. If you were active during that time you have an advantage as you probably have most everything you need. I have to say, that by going back to get this finished I pretty much completed my class order hall along the way. So plan on doing that as you go. There is lots you can skip but some you cannot. 

If you have all the initial Legion achievements finished on another toon, the next step is to figure out where you are. Go to your order hall and see which quests are there and find out what step you're on.  Go to Dalaran and see if you have the quest to start the broken shores campaign. This is a good reference that includes Breaching the Tomb quests. This is also another good reference that includes Broken Shore.

I just had to find the missing pieces. This time it was a bit more frustrating to find the breadcrumbs and get on the right path. 

Where I was stuck most often was the quest to complete 5 missions at your mission table. It looks like every class has a version of this in their class hall quest chain. *note* if you can't do a mission check to make sure you don't have too many followers active.  This seems to be a gate. If you have that quest you have no choice but to take the time to finish them. From my recollection I've had to do them on every toon I've gone back to. After that I was able to get about 4 followers around my order hall and start the quest line for the extra final follower for Champions. This is when I had to go dig through my class hall quest chain in Wowhead and find out where I was. It is really easy to get sidetracked here. Stay on the path paduwan. :)

Once this follower is done go to Broken Shore. Breaching the Tomb quests will come one after another from the 4 NPC's at Deliverance Point. Kadgar, Illidan, Velen & Maiev. They will all have multiple quests at different times. You don't need to do any but the ones that are listed in the achievement. Lucky for you, the names of the quests are the items in the achievement. All of them are pretty easy but here are the oddballs. Assault on Broken Shore is completing a Legion assault. The hardest part about this one is finding the assault. Go to the Wowhead main page. Scroll to the bottom and select Legion to find the assault schedule. Find the next best timeslot and go. Schedule it for yourself if you have to, or you'll be waiting for a while. Champions of Legionfall is as described above. Finish your hall and get your follower. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is doing 8 World Quests on Broken Shore. There are not 8 up at a time so you can't complete this one sitting. You will be coming back the next day to complete this in two. Intolerable Infestation requires killing 50 demons in another location. Felsoul Hold around Suramar,  and Faronaar in Azuna are the two locations. Your choice. I haven't found a particularly easier place at either of them. There are some recommended spots in Wowhead. I decided this time to go to the most uprated location in Faronaar, Trickster's Cut. I needed to get that flightpoint anyways. Relieved of their valuables is about getting chest on broken shore. As soon as you pick it up all of a sudden there are no chests to find. This quest along with the one to kill the elites, Take Out the Head, just annoy me. It feels like Blizz has decided to make this difficult and severely curtail the chests and elites available that you need to kill as soon as you pick up the quest. Just fly around the island until you find them. For both of these quests sometimes you get lucky and sometimes it's a grind. Give yourself extra time or an extra day for the rares. On a side note this might have been changed since the last time I did it. This time I found chests very quickly and the rares didn't seem to disappear when I took the quest. They are on a timer however. I killed two then had to wait for the next group to spawn. This seems to be the intention if you read the Wowhead posts associated to this one. Strike Them Down is the last one. Kill more demons but on the isle. Once completed you should have a new NPC show up around deliverance point that is sending you back to your order hall. Complete the final quest chain for your class and you have a new mount. Depending on the class you may have a few different versions that either change look with your spec or have color variants you can purchase or complete quests to get. Some classes are more involved and have more steps than others. If you've done this on one toon, don't expect it to be the same on another. 

There is lots of competition for all of these quests still. Broken Shore is still very popular and you will have no shortage of allies and enemies to fight over resources with. Every time I've gone to do these quests there are just as many people as the time before. Be patient. Don't expect to do this in one day or even two. Every time it's taken me about a week or so, and that's around work and raid and life. Have fun and enjoy the journey.

Hello from Caliphet! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A New Home

Hello there. It's been a while I know. Life has happened and many things have changed.

Regarding WoW the biggest change has been a new home.

I had reached a point where I was going to quit playing or needed to find something else out there. World of Warcraft is a big place, there must be something right?

A friend of mine decided to reroll his main on another server and I was also invited to come along. After much thought...much in-depth, weighing all the pros and cons thought, I decided to move my main and go with.

HUGE DECISION by the way. I have never ever left the guild before. The guild I started in more than 10 years ago. I decided to move my main because if I was going to continue getting rep, raiding, and getting achievements I wanted to make sure that continued on this toon. I had invested lots of time and energy in Zab and it was important that she continue to grow and I just couldn't leave her behind.

What would I tell everyone in the old guld?? Well...who would that be? The guild had dwindled down to a few people logging in once and a while. Those few I told. I also let them know where I was going and that they could come along. They could move or reroll or whatever they chose. If they wanted lots of people to talk to and play with again this was the way it was going to happen. 

It turned out to be a sort of ritual for me. I moved an alt to the guild leader. Picking which one was the first step. Then actually pushing the button? Holy cow. Decisions decisions... 
After that it was the move. Going through the transfer with Blizz. 
Then the renaming. I remember when I was the only Zabine in the armory. Now they are all over the place lol.
At the same time I was applying to the new guild, as requested by the GM. 
Then the acclimation. Ok new server. Looks the same as the old server right? Maybe but not really. Felt different to me. I know, weird, but it did. 
Then there was the new people!! OMG who ARE these people? What do they do? Who are all the different players (officers, GM's friends and family etc.) and what framework do I put them all in? What are they like? Will they like me? Will I play well? Oh my, WoW anxiety lol.

Two people came with me. That's ok, I didn't expect a lot, nor did I do it to bring people with me. This was for me. To preserve my enjoyment of the game. 

That was last July/August. Before the Legion expansion with time enough to get settled in. Let me say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made in WoW. I have given up the officer mantle and all the stress that comes with it. I am just a peon that shows up to raid and enjoys talking to people when I can. 
The new guild is great. I feel like I fit in, though it took a little while. I like everyone, which is important to me. It now feels good to be on this server. To visit my old server now feels weird. Almost as if I'm an intruder. Best of all, I feel like I have a home again.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Naked Warlock

In light of all the releases of the new character models I am reminded of a short chapter in my WoW history that I'd like to share with everyone. I think I can look past my embarrassment now sufficiently to do it justice. It's not a long story but it is humorous.

I had never had a chance to see my character without any armor on and can say, up until this particular point in time, never had any inclination to do so. I'm not quite sure what made me want to do it when I did.

Zab was level 30 or so and was questing through Darkshire when all of a sudden I wondered what my character would look like without clothes on. Did she have underwear? Was she naked? Would Blizzard put naked characters in the game? Did she look like a Barbie doll?! Up to this point in my short WoW career I had never been witness to the night elf female dancing mailbox phenomena that I've heard tell about many times, and had never seen any character running around naked. At least not that I had noticed. Who knows. A drove of naked somethings could have ridden by me on the road in Stormwind, and so intent was I in my early WoW playing to find and complete quests, that I surely wouldn't have noticed a bit.

Anyways...I am getting off on a tangent. So I'm running around in Duskwood, literally. This was when you didn't get a mount until level 40, and I decided I really wanted to know just what was under my characters robes. I was at the bottom of the large graveyard just off the road, you know where you get give the jittery guy his ghoul giblets (the place that now has a worgen camp), and I stopped. I turned my character around to see if anyone else was lurking nearby. Oh my god I cannot just stand here in the road and strip down in front of other people can I! There was no one else around but for some reason that was just not good enough. If you're familiar with the area there are a couple of shacks just off the road there that are empty. So to stave off any possible embarrassing situations I took my toon into one of those huts. That, my friends, was where I was brave enough to strip my human female warlock of her robes and take a peek. I felt very weird about this at the time.

Afterwards, with my curiosity satisfied, I put all her armor back on her, and came out of the little house. I felt just a little silly that I needed to go into a hut to strip my assemblage of pixels of her clothing. When I think back on it now it makes me giggle at how silly the situation was, and how funny it is that I felt it was indecent to just strip my toon out in public.

So there you have it. My little naked warlock story. :)
By the way, I still don't care to run her around in public without clothes on.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm a slacker....I know. The update.

I didn't realize it's been this long since I posted. Man what is wrong with me. Busy busy busy I guess.
Work drives me nuts and leaves my brain with much less room then I used to have. I keep trying to figure out a way to not be so damn drained at the end of the day that I don't even want to play WoW during the week. Weekends have been my thing lately.

I have 3 toons to 90. Warlock, druid and my horde hunter. I am planning on seeing the offensive from the Horde's perspective. Right now I'm doing, of all things, Argent Crusade dailies to get the pets from that faction. I just make sure I am not thinking about how long this is going to take, or I will just stop and not go back.

My raiding group has completely died. I am doing LFR when I find time and feel inclined. I've gotten the 4 piece which is exciting. Once the drop rate increased I had it in 2 days. What's up with that?!

I am excited about Blizzcon! I can't wait to see everyone! :)

I got the green fire tome 2 nights ago. I have never been one of those people to have good luck so I am going with the idea that they must have increased the drop rate or something. I didn't spend all that much time farming for it. I have probably killed a few dozen rares or less, and had decided it was going to take forever, and there is was! I got it off Ramuk. I don't know if that makes any difference. That being said, I am enjoying the Thunder Isle and it's dailies. I find it all rather interesting. The mobs are challenging in some areas. The elites are everywhere which makes you pay attention to what you're doing. The areas are diverse enough to keep me interested. All in all I'd say Blizz has done a good job with this one.

That's the wrap up in a nutshell. Take care y'all.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Post 100! Happy New Year

Hello and Happy New Year everyone!

We've made it to 2013. What timing eh? Post 100 and a new year. I think I'm just going to take this opportunity to let you know what's been going on in WoW for me.

First off, externally, as you can see, I'm not writing as frequently as I'd like to. I have resigned as wikibrarian for Twisted Nether but that doesn't mean I will not continue to work with them. Hopefully I will be able to pick up something else. That just didn't seem to be working. By the time I got to it Rio had them done. So I didn't feel like I was contributing very much.

I have been trying to work on a new banner for this site but have not been able to create anything I like. I am not the most savvy with computer artwork or graphics. I just don't do it that often.

In game is going ok. I have been so crazy at work the last few months that I have not been spending any quality WoW time during the week. Being a weekend warrior is just not good enough for me. I have been trying to figure out ways to make it easier to get on more. I hope that now the new year has begun, and I have gotten caught up at work, that the brain fry I have been experiencing will cease, and I will want to do something besides stare at the TV and eat when I come home from work. We shall see.

Dailies suck. I think I will expound on that in another post. They wear me out. 

We are not raiding. We lost a couple of raiders in November and they all happen to be healers. We are currently recruiting for 2 healer spots if anyone is interested. Not that there is a ton of people reading this to make a difference.

I created a guild website for my guild that no one is going to. That is fun. I have been trying to make it more fun to try out but it's not working. Any suggestions are awesome. Honestly I didn't expect much. We had a website before that was hardly visited. Now with the in-game calendar,  events, and recruiting there is really no reason for a website. We have a facebook page so I thought perhaps this would be a good alternative to that. Where people could leave posts and messages. Facebook is so convenient that I don't think this will take really. I'm not paying for it so that's ok.

That's about it. Rather hum drum ho hum right now. Which I find a bit frustrating.

There is good news here. I have had several friends return to the game around Christmas time, and a few new friends join the game. I'm very excited and happy to see them return. One of them is the woman who got me started playing. I'm excited to be able to spend some time in game with them. We all rolled Panda's last week and are playing once or twice a week together. This is my roll playing gang also so it's like an additional game night for us. We all hop on vent and yell at the new people to keep up lol.

I have plans to get this site a little more spruced up if I can find the time to spend with Gimp and learn more better (yes that is a word...more better) how to use it. /fingers crossed
I also owe ElJeppy a review about the new keyboard...oh new! Wait, I have a bunch of new stuff. New keyboard, new computer and new headset. Very exciting. I can now get more than 4 fps!! woot!

All righty that's it for today. I need to go play now. :)  Happy New Year!