Saturday, May 20, 2017

A New Home

Hello there. It's been a while I know. Life has happened and many things have changed.

Regarding WoW the biggest change has been a new home.

I had reached a point where I was going to quit playing or needed to find something else out there. World of Warcraft is a big place, there must be something right?

A friend of mine decided to reroll his main on another server and I was also invited to come along. After much thought...much in-depth, weighing all the pros and cons thought, I decided to move my main and go with.

HUGE DECISION by the way. I have never ever left the guild before. The guild I started in more than 10 years ago. I decided to move my main because if I was going to continue getting rep, raiding, and getting achievements I wanted to make sure that continued on this toon. I had invested lots of time and energy in Zab and it was important that she continue to grow and I just couldn't leave her behind.

What would I tell everyone in the old guld?? Well...who would that be? The guild had dwindled down to a few people logging in once and a while. Those few I told. I also let them know where I was going and that they could come along. They could move or reroll or whatever they chose. If they wanted lots of people to talk to and play with again this was the way it was going to happen. 

It turned out to be a sort of ritual for me. I moved an alt to the guild leader. Picking which one was the first step. Then actually pushing the button? Holy cow. Decisions decisions... 
After that it was the move. Going through the transfer with Blizz. 
Then the renaming. I remember when I was the only Zabine in the armory. Now they are all over the place lol.
At the same time I was applying to the new guild, as requested by the GM. 
Then the acclimation. Ok new server. Looks the same as the old server right? Maybe but not really. Felt different to me. I know, weird, but it did. 
Then there was the new people!! OMG who ARE these people? What do they do? Who are all the different players (officers, GM's friends and family etc.) and what framework do I put them all in? What are they like? Will they like me? Will I play well? Oh my, WoW anxiety lol.

Two people came with me. That's ok, I didn't expect a lot, nor did I do it to bring people with me. This was for me. To preserve my enjoyment of the game. 

That was last July/August. Before the Legion expansion with time enough to get settled in. Let me say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made in WoW. I have given up the officer mantle and all the stress that comes with it. I am just a peon that shows up to raid and enjoys talking to people when I can. 
The new guild is great. I feel like I fit in, though it took a little while. I like everyone, which is important to me. It now feels good to be on this server. To visit my old server now feels weird. Almost as if I'm an intruder. Best of all, I feel like I have a home again.