Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Know You've Played Too Much WoW When....

This was on my guild's forums and I loved it and thought I'd bring a blast from the past and post them here.

The question:
You know you've played too much WoW......

You wake up on your birthday and scream *DING*  -Syladaris

You are hungry and look in the fridge. You think to yourself "Darn, I don't have all the mats to make that club sandwich." -Syladaris

You think of your job as PVE and your significant other as PVP.  -Syladaris

When you consider a conversation with your significant other as faction aggro. -Rorac

When you are dieing of thirst and want a drink of mana. -Darlenea

When you talk on the phone to someone and exclaim that you mined ore, killed people, and escorted the princess from the tower last night and realize you are at work and everyone just heard you loud and clear! -Feorah

When you dig in your back yard and think to yourself that you are leveling your mining skill. -Randombeast

When you realize you are sending emails at work that include words like thot, ppl, omg, lol and faces (emotes). :) : / etc  -Zabine

When you start referring to things in your life as being a level... for example we were level 34's working on our level 52 Elite house and it was kicking our butts until we brought out the level 58 sledgehammer.  -Zabine

You refer to tasks like taking out the garbage, laundry and loading the dishwasher as doing your dailies. -Rorac

When you get called into the supervisors office over the radio at work....(think now what have I done) and he starts to ask you how and where to go to level up his toon and how to kill this or that.  -Darlenea

When you find yourself daydreaming at work about how you can obtain that primal nether and gee, only if you could give it to someone for you cool new hat...wouldn't it be nice!  -Sheebaquen

When you find yourself dreaming about healing people with rejuvenation in the hospital. -Sheebaquen

This weekend we were at a restaurant with a dock shaped like a cross. As I walked on it towards the water I found myself thinking that if i go straight, it'll take me to Exodar, left goes to Menethil Bay and right goes to Darnassus.
The sad part about it was that I shared what I was thinking with my Eline [daughter] and she completely understood without a more detailed explanation. -Randombeast

When you look in your closet to pick out what to wear that day and wonder what stats that blue sweater has, and is it socketed. -Feorah

When you wish you could shift click on an outfit to see how it would look on you. -Feorah

When you see someone you don't like and automatically yell out for your pet to attack. -Draugcuron

When you wonder how your WoW family is doing ... and do they have enough potions... -Darlenea

When you realize you have 3 FREAKIN LVL 70's in the guild. -Rickyboby (now he has 3 80's..or is it 4??)

When you realize you're IM'ing people and using slash commands to communicate. /smile /sad -Zabine

Hope we made you smile :)

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