Saturday, August 22, 2009


Good morning and welcome. I am moving my current blog to this location. Currently it is located on our guild's guildportal site. This is the old blog site if you want to see any of my older posts.
There are not many, maybe a dozen. I think over time I will be moving that info here anyway. It covers leveling for the most part as well as my thoughts on raiding, keeping your wow account safe from hackers and my introduction.
My plan for this is to post in the next few days all the info on the new WoW expansion that has been announced at Blizzcon.
All the info I have is from the PPV, live feed and a number of people that are also posting and blogging on this. I am planning on getting all the info here in one spot if possible. My sources include: (wow insider and their on-scene bloggers) (stompalina and their crew)
info from the website (Shaun Coons and Patrick Beja)
all of them are on twitter and can be found as people I am following on my twitter at
I think I've covered my sources and will give them credit as I go. Right now I am getting ready to watch the next live broadcast on Directv, where you can also watch a live feed on that is also a PPV. If you buy one you don't have to pay for the other.
That's it for now. In the next few days I hope to have all the info ready to post.
Thanks for joining me. :)

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