Saturday, August 22, 2009

Upcoming patch info

Hi again,
Here is some basic upcoming info just given up in the raids and dungeons discussion panel which includes some releases prior to Cataclysm. I wanted to cover these for guildies in case they were looking for the info.

Patch 3.3 Release scheduled for November some time
Onyxia returns in an updated raid
Onyxia herself will be updated with a few new spells and abilities but for the most part sounds to be very similar to what she used to be at level 60. Deep Breath and whelps will still be part of the fun. I dont recall if this will be available for both 10 & 25 groups.
Her loot has been updated to fall in line with current boss loot drops but what is great is it is her old loot but given new stats. All the tier 2 helms and weapons will be available with upgraded stats. They have also rounded out her loot table to include some items that were previously found in MC (Molten Core)

The following information will be released before Wrath is finally complete and we move into Cataclysm. Though with what patches and when was not completely divulged.

Cross Realm LFG. That's right. If you have an alt and you're trying to run Stocks and can't find a group you can look across realms and play with others. This system will only be implemented for 5 mans to begin with and will start with realms within your battlegroup. There will be rewards for using the system. One example; leading a group you will receive an additional reward. What that is was not disclosed.

Ice Crown
3 new 5 man dungeons will open up in Ice Crown all heavily related to the Lich King. You're first time through you will be following a quest chain and the dungeons will have to be done sequentially. Once the quest chain in completed you can go into any dungeon at any time.
Ice Crown Citadel and the final raid. Yes you will finally be able to kill the Lich King. No he will not drop Frostmourne but will drop a legendary Axe named Shadowmourne. There are currenty no stats avail on this drop. This raid will consist of 12 bosses in a wing type instance.

Thats the new news. Please share and enjoy.

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  1. Addendum on Onyxia:
    There will be a rare Onyxia brood 310 speed mount drop. Very rare.
    For that patch release everyone will also receive a nc pet Onyxia Whelpling for the 5th anniversary of WoW.