Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello there...if you're following this and wondering where I've been in game lately (Ror). Work has been kicking my ass. Over the next month I am covering for my boss, changing my days off, covering my co-workers, working with incoming HHN (Halloween Horror Nights) and have an upcoming vacation with relatives visiting. When I get home from work my brain is so fried from listening and talking and processing information that all I can do is sit and stare at the TV. And I'm perfectly happy with that :). Every brain needs a rest and sometimes even WoW takes too much thinking to get in to.
I find that I tend to be the guild cheerleader so I hope they don't suffer in my absence. On the other side, I miss everyone.
I will probably not be on as much through the month of September.
C'ya soon.

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