Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meet the Worgen - Part 1 Race/Class

This is Kaiote. She is a level 64 worgen druid and she is the new addition to my WoW family, and I am totally in love with her right now. I waited for quite a while for her to arrive. I had started a druid once before but stopped when I heard that worgen druids would be introduced. I wanted to enjoy the entire leveling experience with this new race.
Ever so patiently I chose and saved a name and then, with heavy anticipation, I waited for my fuzzy to arrive. I cannot say I am disappointed, nor can I say I'm completely happy with the worgen race, but it has been a lot of fun to learn a new class and enjoy the new content all at the same time.

Worgen Race:
Everyone is right. The females look a lot like a chihuahua. There are features I don't particularly care for but they don't turn me off either. The forehead is a bit too rounded. They don't hunch over or look vicious like the males do, which I find a bit disconcerting. Her eyes are a bit large but they don't bother me very much. She doesn't have a tail, which I find strange. The posts and forum threads I have read on this topic have pretty much nailed it. The drawings I have seen would be improvements. All that being said, she is mine and I love her. **here I was going to link a thread to the forums but I can't seem to find the single post out of the many that are out there; go to the forums and search "worgen female"** As I mentioned in a previous post, I would really like her to NOT laugh like a chicken. I'm disappointed with this particular bug as I thought that it would be a fix that would happen relatively quickly. It's been a little over a month and I am still a chicken. Though in moonkin this seems oddly appropriate. The male worgen look pretty cool but I haven't really stopped to look at them that often. The new helms on the male worgen look like muzzles, and in some cases just make me laugh. In other cases look like they've been committed to an asylum. The males seem more feral and worgen-like and I wish they had taken those same elements to the females. However, in typical Blizzard fashion the girls and guys do not always look like they are from the same race. I.E. trolls and draenei. General characteristics are there but all the females have boobs and curves and are more "pretty" compared to the males. No difference here and it shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone either.

Worgen leveling:  (includes minor spoilage)
 The first 5 levels are spent as human and you're helping to defend the city and help the city-folk evacuate because of the worgen invasion. are bitten. There is a totally awesome, brought tears of joy to my eyes, cut scene. I had seen this scene before but some how in the midst of the quest chain it became very powerful to me. It was well thought out and well placed in the quest experience. From level 5-10 you are all worgen. You are now helping to evacuate villagers from the surrounding countryside both from earthshattering events (phasing), and from Sylvanas and the Forsaken who are trying to take the area as a strategic location. I didn't feel that the night elves played a tremendous role, though they were evident in the areas as you progressed. I didn't feel like they had come to my rescue as much as expected. For the most part I felt the 1-14 worgen leveling was good. (you actually end somewhere between levels 12 and 14) The story was very well put together as well as the quest chains. Leveling was fast paced and fun, but at times I was left wondering what was going on. It was so fast at times that I felt like I was being shoved through and had missed something. I'd like to take some time to go back and do it again. It may have been due to the fact that there were several others playing through at the same time. At the end you are taken to Rut'theran Village and prompted to begin questing from Darnassus to Darkshore to continue.

Druid Class:
I am running boomkin and quite enjoying it. I have not really played a druid before. The first druid I had I took to level 29 or 30 before I deleted her in anticipation of  worgen. I remember having a hard time with cat/bear and it didn't feel good to me. It seemed like at that level that was your only choice was cat and bear. This time around, with the new talent tree system, when I began casting wrath it felt great. Even though moonkin form didn't come for another few levels it still felt like a balanced druid and felt good to play. I didn't feel like I was waiting for spells to come at higher levels so I could feel like I was playing my chosen spec. As I've progressed and my spell book has expanded I find I'm really enjoying the lunar/solar eclipse mechanic. The only problem I have is figuring out which way I should be going and getting my fingers tangled up once in a while, but usually after a few minutes it's easy to get into the swing. Coming from playing a warlock I am used to having a wide range of button choices in my arsenal. Having a toon you need to think a bit more about has kept me interested in exploring rotations and spells.
I do have to say though, aside from my warlock, alts are a passing fancy for me. I have rarely stuck with any one of them, though I have professed to loving them all at the time I was leveling. I enjoy the leveling and play but don't necessarily enjoy the end-game play style. But, I'm going to stick it out and see if this is just puppy-love or a true blown romance with the druid.

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