Friday, November 26, 2010

The Shattering - Some quick thoughts and observations on 4.0.3a

I mounted up and decided to go on walk-about across Azeroth. In no particular order.

  • Stormwind is pretty awesome (so is Orgrimaar for you Horde folks)
  • There are way too many flight points. I thought there were too many in Wrath, this is ridiculous
  • The horde in the Argent Dawn recruits in Eastern Plaguelands really threw me for a loop
  • Ashenvale and other Kalimdor/Night Elf areas are very vibrant now, and the trees are beautiful
  • The scars in both Badlands and the Barrens are nearly impossible to get across on foot
  • Get all the tabards
  • Gnomeregan is not a city, I was disappointed
  • Everything that has been given tops (like trees and buildings) looks really cool
  • Winterspring has not changed much...thank god, this zone holds a special place in my heart
  • There are a TON of critters now, and they are everywhere
  • The world dragons have been nerfed and it is very sad
  • Speaking of warlock is down 12% across the board and my warrior is down 17%. I hope they know what they're doing : /
  • What happened to Darkshore and Southshore makes me sad
  • Feathermoon is eye-popping
  • Tanaris land changes are very cool
  • The strip-mining the Horde have done in Ashenvale and Northern Felwood is atrocious
  • Along the same lines...the oil fields in Azshara and  Southern Stranglethorn are also nasty
  • The Forsaken are way out of control in Silverpine and I'm surprised the Horde have let them stay
  • Loremaster does not mean you don't have to redo all the quests in each area to get those achievements too...I think I'll save this for when I get bored
  • Did I mention there were a lot of flight points?
  • Dalaran is empty
  • Remote quest turn-ins are cheap and lazy; it makes the quests feel meaningless
  • Gilneas is accessible though empty. The heights gave me that stomach tightening feeling I used to get crossing the chains in Black Rock. It is also very rainy. I hope it's not like that ALL the time.
  • The Goblin areas in Azshara are both cool and disturbing; the highway is a nice way to get around the zone
  • Stonetalon is hardly recognizable and confusing to navigate at the moment
  • It's too bad this patch dropped in the middle of Pilgrims Bounty. It is now really tough to find rogues of the opposite faction
  • I did the quest for the Brazie's Sunflower. It was fun but a little buggy yet
  • Badlands is neat, the holes in the ground and the quest to punch Deathwing are pretty cool

All in all I have had very strange sensations and emotions while running around these last two days. I did a few quests and went through a low level dungeon just for fun. I am saddened by some of the changes and excited by others. I am worried that Blizz has gotten a bit too carebear now and hope that Cataclysm brings challenges. I am reluctant to say I'd leave the game but if it presents nothing in the next expansion I will be left with little else. What I did find is that I'm very attached to the game, to the lands, and to the inhabitants. Some of the changes just left me feeling empty. It was very strange.

 Normally a new expansion makes me feel a little scared, but scared in a good way. That "Oh! What's around the next corner?" feeling. This one elicited a whole bunch of new emotions I thought I'd never feel about a game. I don't know if that's good or bad lol. I'm certainly not used to it. We'll see how this goes in another week or so eh?

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