Monday, November 8, 2010

4.0.1 Random Thoughts

Some of it is awesome some of it I just don't understand. 4.0.1 has turned a lot of things upside down. My lock is full of awesome fiery goodness. I love feeling like I'm burning the hell out of things again! My warrior is totally weird. I've had some conversations with another prot warrior about stats and such and I'm trying to re-tune my brain to the new stats and it's just not sinking in. I think I'm just over tanking. Speaking of, I have had a lot of asshole tanks lately. I don't know what it is. Perhaps they think they can ramrod through instances still, I don't know. Perhaps it's because the toons I'm taking into instances lately are not tier 10 geared like most of these folks are. Either way its been pretty fucking annoying.

My poor new 80 healer is still trying to catch up. I'm just starting to figure out disc again by the way. Very weird concept of damage=healing and mana regen. It works but I'm still working out rotational stuff. I am doing this blind. I know what's going on, but I am not looking up rotation info anywhere so I'm making it up. Seems to be coming along, albeit slowly. I am enjoying the challenge for the most part but my husband has had to listen to me yell at tanks a lot more these last few days. I'm taking the hard road I know, don't tell me please :p

Let's see...what else is up with this patch? The glyphs are pretty cool, though I have found there can just be a tremendous amount of choices. That is good and bad. I wonder if I'm picking the "right" one. I'm sure some asshole will tell me eventually what the "right" one is.
Talent choices in some trees seem limited and in some others don't. For example, my warrior seems to have a lot of choices in fury or arms trees that would help with prot. My warlock does not seem to have as many cool things for destro in other trees. She also doesn't seem to have as many cool glyph choices as say my priest. I think it's more difficult to get diversity out of the pure dps classes then it is the hybrids or partial hybrids. Warlocks, mages, hunters and rogues are going to find they are more limited in, as Ghostcrawler says, "cool choices" to make.
All in all I am excited about the patch. With the changes to threat reduction talents in dps and the promise of CC down the line, I can't wait to get my claws into some new instances.

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  1. Blink here: I am healing Disc, a new experience for me. My bubbles disappear fast; the mana you get back from them being used up is minor. Mana regen is a problem especially with tanks that want to chain pull. With patch 4.0.3a coming out tomorrow - Tuesday, I am looking foward to a faster climb to 80, as I am lvl 74 right now. As far as my other toons. I changed over my Pally from tank to ret. I had a number of ret items from ICC 10 man that I got to put to good use. I am still looking for a pair of pants(aren't we all). My shaman isn't the uber healer he once was but does ok. I am looking forward to the new spells at lvls 81 and above. And I took my lvl 73 warlock out of bank alt status and lvled a bit using the new features. Time to respect to something besides affliction. My felhunter is very squishy. He used to be badass. Zabby I enjoy your blog very much. keep it coming!