Thursday, January 21, 2010

PTSD 3.3 and WTF Have You Been?

So, where have I been what have I been doing? So much and its been way too long to enumerate.

I'd like to start with 3.3. A little late (ok a lot late) but there has been so much going on it's crazy.

I haven't done ICC raid but have done the 5 mans both on my lock and on my warrior. I am not to crazy about them. Mostly because everyone just zips through. It wasn't until the 3rd or 4th time in I actually had an opportunity to see/listen to Jaina and try to decipher what we were supposed to be doing. I think the dungeons are nifty in appearance but really lack some content. All 3 put together would make a great dungeon. Separate they drive me batty. 2 bosses and some crazy mobs. Lots of casters which suck for a warrior tank mind you. Not impossible but not easy to round up either. PoS is the most interesting. That was until everyone found the easy way to bypass most of the mobs and run through it. Sheesh. Folks slow down a little, would it fucking kill you?
I have heard a lot about the portion of the raids that are open from the podcasts I listen to. I'm afraid I have not experienced any of it. Sad to say.

My big gripe is the LFG system. Really thats where all my crankiness comes from. I have been in so many groups where they can't even say hello. I have been in so many groups where people were just asshats. I'm tired of hearing about gearscore and I'm tired of badges. I'm tired of looking like everyone else in Dalaran too. I ran my ass off the first couple of weeks and both my toons have pretty much tier 9 gear or equivalent. I think it wore me out. I got so excited about being able to run from dungeon to dungeon and getting badges and titles and pets that when I stopped to look around I realized I was missing the game. I wasn't playing anymore I was racing. When I stopped to take stock of what was going on it just pissed me off. Realizing that these random groups didn't even speak to each other was just making me more angry. Here we are in a social game and we can't even stop to say hello to the real people we're playing with. I don't think the LFG did anyone any favors.

So I took some time away from my mains. In fact I took some time away from my faction. I have some hidden Horde on another server. Ok so before you say I'm a traitor...I have heard said many times that if you just play one side you are missing half the game. My intent was to at least see what is going on on the other side. I do take issue with having Horde and Alliance toons on the same server, and I have no toon space left on Kael'Thas anyway, so my horde are all relegated to another server. My highest toon is now 55. I don't spend oodles of time there but since I have such an interest in the lore I thought it was a good idea to see how the other half live.

Between getting back to "playing" the game and the holidays and being sick AND the great washer fiasco of 2010 I just found it best to step back from everything and take a break from the "race" I was in.

Lately, I have found that I get on and do my thing. Daily JC, farming, cloth CD's etc. Do a daily H on Zab and Moon, or try to, and get back to playing my way and enjoying the game.

I do have to say that I'm liking the new gear though *smirk*. It wasn't all a waste.  lol

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