Saturday, November 10, 2012

Are You REALLY That Good? Impressions of High End Raiding

Hello there, it's been a while. I've been crazy at work and sick and busy with random events, not to mention trying to get in a bit of WoW time.

I was listening to Convert To Raid, I believe it was episode #67, and they were talking about what high end raid guilds do to remain on top. Guilds such as Paragon. I have to preface this by saying I have no first hand knowledge and am only going by what I heard on this podcast. From what the guys on Convert to Raid said these folks raid 10-16 hrs per day with breaks for sleep, food etc. It sounds like 3-5 days per week.

I must admit I was surprised at first to hear that someone could spend that much time raiding. Not would mind you, but could. If I had the time I think I would as well. I knew they received sponsorship and such but had no idea that these folks didn't actually have a job. That raiding is indeed their job.

So that's cool I get it. I think if you can make a living that way that is pretty freakin' awesome. However, I began to think that if these guys are putting in this much time what makes them any different from me. I can no longer say they are better players. They are just more persistent. In no way do I want to downplay what they do. Like I said, if I had that opportunity I would take it. It seems that they spend the same amount of time as the rest of us getting through the content, they just do it all at once. I have to ask then, does that make them better at the game then the rest of us?


  1. Hey there, just happened to be passing by and saw your twitter with the connected website. I'd like to quote you something here that might make endgame raiding and the people therein make a little more sense.

    [i]It seems that they spend the same amount of time as the rest of us getting through the content, they just do it all at once.[/i]

    Some of this is true, but a lot of it is false. These players may be sponsored, but it does not mean that they're being paid to play the game. Most of them do have jobs and lives, the same as anybody else. The difference is not the amount of time they put into the game, but the energy. They're in the PTR the minute it hits raiding together as a guild, practicing every detail so that when the real thing hits the live servers, they'll be able to kill it just like they'd practiced. They're not only researching their classes, but theorycrafting as well, down to the very last detail. They don't just know how to play their class; they know the math behind it as well.

    A lot is expected of a "world-first" player, and attitude has very little to do with it. They are a group of players getting together with the sole purpose of killing bosses first, and it doesn't matter who they have to replace to do so. A raider's position is never stable and always in competition. Compositions don't just change by the year or month; they change by the hour. If someone performs their job better than you, you no longer have a position.

    Long story short, endgame raiding isn't about friends and havin' a good time; it's all business, and is run like a business. It doesn't necessarily mean that the players have less lives than we do, it simply means that they enjoy a different level of difficulty in their gameplay. Some people like farming mounts, some people like raiding with friends, these guys killing the boss before anybody else. A certain notoriety comes from it, after all. But anyhow...

    Guess I'll stop chatting your ear off now. Hopefully that entertains the "are they better at the game than me" question. Friendly neighborhood blog-lurker out!

    1. Hi Vincentus, Thanks for your comment. I am aware and yet not aware of that gamer life and how it works. I have only heard, I have never spoken to anyone who plays in this fashion. What spurred me to write this post was the frustration from listening to people put them on a pedestal to such a degree that I felt that if I didn't worship them I must be crazy. Being respectful is one thing. Feeling like I must join the cult was annoying.
      I know that I would not enjoy my game if I was always worried about my job security. Seems an unfun way to play a game.
      In a way I'm jealous though. Who wouldn't want to be known as the best or the first in such a huge sea of players world-wide.
      Thank you again for your comment,