Monday, November 28, 2011

......Why'd it have to be Pandas?

As I've said many times I don't do change well. This is one of those times. I am not going to touch on my thoughts of the expansion here but I do want to wonder about the bears that will be coming to Azeroth soon.

When we all first heard that Blizzard had TM'd "Mists of Pandaria", really we all knew that would be the next expansion. And yet, I, not unlike many others, decided it was best to live in denial and hope that maybe this was a joke.

Ok, so don't leave me quite yet I know that many people are excited about them and I'm not going to threaten to quit just because I didn't really think they'd be "cool" enough for WoW. In fact I think it's fine. I played them at Blizzcon and thought they were very well done and am curious to see what the female variety will look like since all my toons are female. Yes, I will probably roll one too. I'm interested in seeing and feeling out the monk healing mechanics. I enjoy Disc Atonement so maybe I'll like this one as well. Not that I actually go out and heal instances on my priest. I am a chickenshit closet healer. I won't go unless I can go with guildies.....

I digress....

What really turned me off was the thought of pandas. I know, we have dogs and squid-faced people, cows and other tusked ani-morphs; pandas are not a stretch. It just doesn't seem right to me. The idea of bouncing pandas doesn't do it for me. It's like throwing in Winnie the Pooh. It's weird.

The lore also doesn't sit well with me. There is really not much in game that tends to lore with Pandas. I know there are lore people out there that are going to tell me I'm way off and they've been there all along. Maybe I just haven't noticed or haven't looked. Should I have to look?

The look of the pandas seems very well done. The animations are cool. I tried emotes but they weren't working or turned on for the demo, which was a bummer. Again, I am anxious to see the females.

I trust that Blizz will make it seem as if they've been here all along but until then I will just...I don't know.
I'm not pissed, I'm not sad or moping or pouting or excited, just...waiting. I have no thrill for the pandas. The expansion yes. The pandas, not so much.

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