Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Guild in Motion Tends to Stay in Motion

I have to thank Matticus for his great guild advancement post, which can be found here. I'm sure others have done it before but this seems to break down the guild advancement system into something simple and straight-forward. Even though that is what inspired this post, it is not why I'm here.

Actually it's shameless self promotion, kinda sorta. I was thinking about the end of his post where he suggests to look for a guild now. A nice stable guild that has weathered the End-of-Wrath-Blues. This line of thinking of course let me to my own guild, and how in spite of my lackadaisical attitude over the last few months, has managed to put together a post-cataclysm incentive package to boost our guild reputation as fast as possible.

This is not the first slow down that our guild has suffered. We have weathered the storm between all the previous expansions. From vanilla to TBC and then on to WotLK we have managed to maintain a relatively healthy guild.

The secret is not really a secret at all. It is simply the momentum of the guild as it was established. KG is not any particular type of guild so when things drop off such as raiding we simply move into other areas. We do that as a group for the most part. Right now its been finishing Lich King and getting some PVP in on the side. Some of us are doing some intense rep grinding and have been going together or, at the very least, supporting each other while we whine about it. We excite each other in a sense. It's not just about the loot but the people. When you have a reason to show up it's not so hard. Granted it is getting boring, and we're all dragging our proverbial feet, but at least we're dragging together and in the same general direction.

I have one person in particular to thank for taking on a huge job. Our fan-tabulous raid leader, Kaerras. I'm very glad that when some of us (namely me) have been unable to hold up our end of the bargain, that he and a few other brave officers have picked up the slack. He has taken the time to create a post-Cataclysm plan specifically for boosting our guild rep as fast as possible, or at least giving it a really good jump-start.

I just want to take a moment to publicly thank the officers and others of KG for the perseverance and leadership they have shown over the last few months. I couldn't have had a better group of guys and gals to lean on.

 Rorac - right hand man and guild papa
Kaerras - tankadin, raid leader extraordinaire, and uber planner

Laridoris - 2nd to none but Kaerras in the raid, unless his bike breaks down ;)
Rickyboby - confidante during rocky times
Feorah - shoulder and sounding board
Celeste - one of those behind the scenes couldn't do it without your support guildies and cheerleader
Holysnapx - Ficus and laugh track, thanks for being a good kid, we appreciate you :)

With all my heart I thank you for being, doing and generally putting up with everything. And still coming back day after day and week after week to play this crazy game with me.

Love ya,

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