Saturday, June 26, 2010

The World of Warcraft Blues

Are you bored yet? Are you looking for something to do? Are you level 80 and tired of doing the same old stuff, be it farming or fishing, dungeons or raids?

It's that time folks. The time at the end of an expansion when everyone is, for lack of a better term, just plain over it!
I keep hearing it in podcasts and lately I've been feeling it a bit myself. Do I really want to log in and do this again?

So the question is...what keeps bringing me back? Truthfully it's the same thing that kept me logging in from the beginning. I don't have the same goal every day. Sometimes I want to wander around and look and sometimes I just want to kick some ass!! Depending on how I feel, what I've been doing, listening to or reading will determine what I'll be doing in game for the day. Sometimes what others are doing will determine where I go. So I don't get bored very often. There is ALWAYS something for me to do. The only time I get really bored is if I've been doing the same thing over a couple of days, then all of a sudden I will have to step away from the game for a day. I believe Blizzard must be employing some sort of social psychologist or they have some extremely smart game developers. The idea of creating multiply areas of play is what is allowing them to rake in the bucks. WoW can appeal to anyone, and I mean anyone. Like puzzles? Do quests. Like art, walk around and inspect the architecture and style of the world. Like to talk to people? There are plenty standing around in the cities just waiting for you to stir their pot. Want to beat people up? Well hell, you can do that too! Yes! You too can be an asshole, battlegrounds and arenas are just a click away. Or you can join a PVP server and grief people all day long! Co-op or challenging? Dungeons and raids of all levels and types await you! How can you NOT like this place?
(disclaimer: I like battlegrounds and pvp and am in no way assuming PVP'ers are assholes. I'm just saying you can be one if you want to)

Those are just a few of the things out there to do. And when you get bored with doing them on one toon you can start something else and see how the other half live. Are you a tank? Start a priest. Caster? Find a melee class to try. Not sure? Grab a hybrid such as a druid, paladin, or shaman and you can try all 3, or 4, or 5 different play-styles.

So there you have it, that's what keeps me going during the long slow dreary days of waiting for the new expansion.

What keeps you coming back?

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