Friday, July 23, 2010

What has WoW taught me?

Hello all. This is a week late but I really wanted to get in on this Blog Azeroth Shared Topic.

It seems that my life and WoW have been kinda moving along the same direction. As I have moved up in my guild I have moved up in my job. Strange but true. Coincidental? I don't think so. So, here's the list of things I learned from WoW. In no particular order.

1) How to manage people and still be friends with them.

2) How to let things go. People and ideas come and go. The ones that stick around are important. The ones that don't needed to go their own way.

3) Weighing the one vs the many is freakin tough!

4) All girl toons are not girls. I still mess this one up.

5) Time management. Real Life can really get in the way sometimes. : /

6) I am really happy I rediscovered my gamer side.

7) I have met some wonderful terrific friends that I never would have met any other way.

8) You can make your own place in the world with a little grinding and farming.

9) Time is as much a commodity as anything else. I have found that the time I have invested in game is priceless to me. I don't think I could ever delete my toons, even if I stopped playing.

10) Leet-speak. I remember the first time I heard someone say "respawn". I thought that was the weirdest term I'd ever heard. Now it seems I can't speak anything else. ;)

11) A new way to spend time with my husband. Where else can you enjoy each others company and kill things. A couple that slays together stays together.

12) I have discovered a whole new group of interesting people that came out of WoW via podcasts, twitter and blogging. I love this community, they all really support each other and have fun.

13) Anonymity can allow someone to be really stupid, weird, annoying, and generally an asshat. Actually I already knew this, but I can't believe the number people that act like total jerks some days.

14) Just because something didn't work doesn't mean that I have failed.

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