Friday, March 26, 2010

Love for the Guild

To some who raid regularly this might not seem like a big thang. For anyone who's been there you may understand the pride I feel for my peeps.

We have been raiding randomly for years. For years we have tried to get enough people and time to put together a group that could go.

Without giving tons of back story we have had quite a roller coaster of no go's and fails over the long history of KG. At one time we were raiding regularly and stuck in Kara only to lose a significant portion of people due to egos and the want to raid too often. I know, its an oxymoron, but let me say our guild is casual. We have people of all levels and I expect as their leader that everyone gets time. I expect guild members to go out and help other lower level toons or new people. I refused to let a raid group trash that idea. They were not interested in the rest of the guild, they wanted to raid only and wanted to be treated better or different because of it. Now there is nothing wrong with that, it just doesn't fit who we are. So they took off. S'ok by me. 'Nuff said.

So we are many years later and we have a system that works. We have finally found enough people that feel the same way. They want to be part of a family guild, they want to pvp, they want to run others through dungeons, they want to quest and stand around in Dal and chat, but they also want to raid at a higher level.  This means that we don't raid regularly. Sometimes for weeks on end we simply get the weekly done and that's it. The best thing is that we're all cool with that as long as we are still moving forward, albeit slowly, toward something more. Trying something new, even if we don't succeed at first.

So to quit blathering on. We are moving through ICC! Amazing but true! Completely awesome! Having a blast! We are moving slowly. We have a 10man and right now in the last 2 weeks we've made it to Sauerfang. Now mind you, this is raiding 1 maybe 2 nights a week if we can get everyone together.

It ain't the top but man it ain't shit either. We have enough people that have taken the time to get the gear needed. They have taken the time to gear, gem and enchant their hearts out. They have spent some time learning the fights. All this amongst kids, family, jobs, loss of jobs, and all the general RL bullshit that comes down the pipe we have managed to stick by each other and make it work.

You might ask why? Why spend all that time? Why not bail for a guild that is raiding instead of waiting? Well, simply put, I like the people I run with and I enjoy my guild. I have a deep seeded loyalty that some of you may think is crazy, but that's ok. I have RL friends in my guild and have met in person a handful of others. I consider them friends. You don't just take off on your friends because they have hit some hard times. So I guess in that respect it's more personal than anything to do with the game itself.

I am so proud of my guild. The wonderful and vast range of people that make it up, run it and stand by it. If I could, I'd give them all a /hug, and maybe a /kiss too.

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