Thursday, November 12, 2009

Isn't it enchanting?

Being an enchanter I wanted to share my thoughts on the new instance change that will be coming in 3.3.
As long as there is an enchanter in the group, the group will now be given a selection to greed for DE. If that is selected the item being rolled for will automatically be disenchanted and the shard will go to the highest roller.

I think this is taking my profession and making it everyone's profession. I have been playing for 4 years. I have spent my time and my money leveling MY profession. This now gives everyone access to use my services without asking me, without me offering, without my approval, and without me reaping any benefit from it.
The reason this angers me is because I do not get the same benefit from other professions. If I need mats for something I need to go to the AH and buy them. If I need a gem or a gem cut I expect to pay for services rendered. Now the lowest asshole in the group, the idiot who may not be pulling his weight or taking advantage of the group. Some jerk I wouldn't help if they asked in trade, now has access to my profession without my consent.
If Blizzard intends to do this I would ask that any leather that is skinned, ore that is mined or herbs that picked in the instance also go up for a roll. It would only be fair right? Should I now be asking for rolls on profession based items that others pick up? Should I think that I have the right to your leather or cobalt, or any gems that might come from mining that node? I don't and the general population doesn't.

I understand that this change comes from the caveat that there will be no trading items in dungeons except conjured items. Thus eliminating gold sellers and players from trading high level items and gold in dungeons. How they'd do that in a random dungeon I don't know, but I'm sure someone would figure it out. I respect that. So now I have questions.....
I am a warlock, I carry water on me for just in case and what if the healer in the group forgot and is low on water? Or only came with 5 and it turns out that the group was having some problems on a mob or boss and they find they need more? I have plenty...I cannot give my extra water to my healer? I cannot give food that might help them do their job better, thus helping to ensure the success of my group? What if I don't have a feast to put out but I have some other type of food?
What if, I am in a group with 2 other guild members and I want to give them something to help them while in the run?
Blizzard has offered a solution. It seems you can hearth out and be ported back into the instance but come on! I want to move on! I have stuff I can give to move along and help out the team! Why can't I use them?!
Next, as mentioned above, why then can I not roll on ore, herbs or leather gathered by others?

My solution. If you insist on making this change, don't make it with the stipulation that only if there is an enchanter in the group will this option appear. Make that option part of the normal roll selection whether there is an enchanter in the group or not.
This does not make me feel better about it but it does make me feel like I'm not being taken advantage of, and that my profession is being used without my permission.

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