Sunday, September 2, 2012

5 Things I Loved and Hated About Cataclysm - #3 Molten Front

For me Molten Front is very akin to Quel'Danas from back in BC but with a new twist. This daily hub had plenty of quests and plenty of choices up front but the drudgery got to me really fast.

I really enjoyed the Isle of Quel'Danas. When it first came out my guild and I rushed over to do dailies and build up the island's resources for the server. On many occasions we wound up running the quests together in groups of 3-5 people and just rushed through them. With the quests being related to the server there was fast and furious progression in the area which made it especially compelling to complete every day when the area first opened up. In contrast Molten Front was very personal. You could run the dailies with others or in a group, but the changes to the area occurred only for you and the people you ran with needed to be at the same point you were or you would have fewer or greater quests than they did. At least that is my assumption. I only ran Molten Front alone unfortunately. I was a bit late to the party due to my personal circumstances at the time.

In the beginning I found Molten Front's bevy of quests refreshing. First there was sequence. You started in Mount Hyjal's Sanctuary of Malorne and then progressed into the front itself. Each week or so (depending on how often you went) would bring a new area to open. Each day a possible new set of quests for each area. You could do the entire sequence every day or, once the front opened up, you could do just that portion. I enjoyed the choices and the number of different quests. I liked the change of scenery as you progressed through the quest sequence of events. I particularly liked the achievements for the area and had fun figuring out how to get them accomplished and setting goals for myself.

Then....the tedious nature of the daily set in. In many respects the nature of my boredom with Molten Front was my own circumstances. I was late to get them started. Much later than the rest of my guild. I felt behind and alone and there was no rush for me to get in there and get in the fray and get anything completed. Needless to say I am still one achievement off from completing the series and it drives me crazy. Every time I log in I have to trek all the way out there to see if this boss is up so I can get this done. If the boss is up then I have to go through the Front sequence of quests to get to that last guy and hope I don't screw it up. I have done that twice now. After the first time I went to look this one up. The second time I just forgot I needed to jump and this boss just doesn't freakin' spawn very often and god dammit I'm over it and want to finish this for god's sake!! Ready for Raiding II
I just need Devout Harbinger, and she's driving me crazy now. I don't log on enough, I don't think to check enough and when I do I have to go through everything to get her. /sigh

Truly, I thought the idea of the personalized daily zone like this was cool at first. Then everyone has the opportunity to see the transition of the area. In hindsight, it would have been really cool to see another server built area. To feel that I was actually working with a large group of people to make something happen. In my opinion this was another way that Blizzard took the community out of the game and I feel that is a loss.

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