Sunday, November 13, 2011

Missing You

Life is always moving right along isn't it? It's hard to find time to catch up on my blog reading, let alone blog writing, but I miss you. So much has happened and yet these last 5 months I can honestly say nothing has changed. Even in our short lifespans change can be incrementally slow. Sorry, I'm being cryptic. I am still in an unsold house, living with a man I'm trying to divorce who enjoys making it difficult to do so.

My WoW time is limited to a few scant days a week where I try to bury my head in the sand and forget my troubles. It usually consists of PVP, raiding and dailies. I am still working Molten Front dailies, and for some reason dailies right now feel like doing the dishes. It is just something that needs to be done. I normally enjoy the grind a bit but since I am feeling oh so dreary, nothing is appealing.

There is so much to write about lately too and I have been terribly absent. I am trying to keep myself from going off on all these tangents in this post and start talking all the different WoW related stuff I'd like to share. I did go to Blizzcon after all, and have a ton on opinions on a ton of shit but I will save them for their individual rants to come.

Lets just say I will try not to be so absent in the near future but you might have to put up with some personal stuff tossed in. :)

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