Friday, December 3, 2010

Leveling in the New World...of Warcraft - What are the new zone levels?

I, along with several guildies, have been caught in a strange predicament. If you were leveling anywhere in Azeroth (1-60) prior to 4.0.3a you are probably in the same situation. Where should you now be questing?

I took a little trip over to Wowhead and found a leveling map and guide. Found here.

I couldn't find just a list of where to go at what level so I have put that map and area guide into a handy dandy list of leveling ranges by zone. I thought I'd share it with everyone.
I think I got every thing. If you see something missing in the level 1-60 areas please let me know.

Eastern Kingdoms
1-10    Dun Morogh (A)
1-10    Elwynn Forest (A)
1-10    Tirisfal Glades (H)

1-10    Eversong Woods (H)
10-15  Westfall (A)
10-20  Ghostlands (H)
10-20  Loch Modan (A)
10-20  Silverpine Forest (H)
15-20  Redridge Mountains (A)
20-25  Hillsbrad Foothills (H)
20-25  Duskwood (A)
25-30  Wetlands (A/H)
25-30  Arathi Highlands (A/H)
25-35  Northern Stranglethorn (A/H)
30-35  Cape of Stranglethorn (A/H)
35-40  Western Plaguelands (A/H)
35-45  Badlands (A/H)
40-45  Eastern Plaguelands (A/H)
45-50  The Hinterlands (A/H)
45-55  Blasted Lands (A/H)
45-55  Searing Gorge (A/H)
50-55  Swamp of Sorrows (A/H)
50-60  Burning Steppes (A/H)
50-60  Deadwind Pass (A/H)

1-10    Azuremyst Isle (A)
1-10    Teldrassil (A)
1-10    Durotar (H)
1-10    Mulgore (H)
1-12    The Lost Isles & Kezan (H)
10-20  Darkshore (A)
10-20  Bloodmyst Isle (A)
10-20  Azshara (H)
10-20  Northern Barrens (H)
15        Moonglade (A/H)
20-25  Ashenvale (A/H)
25-30  Stonetalon Mountains (A/H)
30-35  Southern Barrens (A/H)
30-40  Desolace (A/H)
35-40  Feralas (A/H)
35-40  Dustwallow Marsh (A/H)
40-45  Thousand Needles (A/H)
45-50  Tanaris (A/H)
45-50  Felwood (A/H)
50-55  Un'Goro Crater (A/H)
50-55  Winterspring (A/H)
55-60  Silithus (A/H)

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