Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 [not WoW related]

Just want to take a moment to remember this day in our very recent history.
When Sept 11, 2001 had come and gone I had written a story of what I was feeling, where I was, and what I was doing that day. I was thinking of posting it here but I don't know. Who wants to read about the first 4 hours of my day, so far away from what was really going on.
I've just reread it. The feelings I had that day. The fear and panic I experienced come flooding back. We are so lucky in this country that we don't have to feel that fear of invasion and war in our backyards. There are no bombs blowing up our homes, no soldiers taking our loved ones away. But I can imagine it. I can put myself in that place and feel that fear and wonder why, or more to the point how, we can do these things to each other. That people have decided that others should not live because they believe in something different or live differently. It angers me.
Then I remember it is human nature to wage war on someone or something. To band together for a cause, be it real or imagined. Regardless, it still boggles my mind how we can treat each other so horribly. Not just I don't like you, but I will kill you for it. Not just words but sticks and stones.
"All you need is Love"? Beatles - All You Need Is Love
Wishing the world a better day xoxo

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