Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crazy Weekend - Blizzcon & my thoughts

This is my intermittent post. It has been a crazy Blizzcon weekend. Even though I was not able to attend I did totally geek out via DirecTV, Twitter and Ustream.
I am currently sitting on Ustream waiting for the wowinsider show to start with their wrapup for the day, after listening to the instance ustream just about all day while the PPV covered SC2 and D3. As well as starting up this blog.
So this is my chance to put my own thoughts down. Cataclysm is gonna be freaky wild shit. I am so excited to be revisiting old world content though I am terribly sorry to see some of it change. When they said that Southshore is gone and Auberdine is a wreck my jaw dropped. The changes will be so beyond different from what I leveled up in 4 years ago, and have lived in just about every day since. Its like an old friend and it feels kinda lost to me at the moment.
I am excited about the worgen but unsure about goblins. Goblins never struck me as allying with any particular faction but I can see the logic. At least it wont mess with Booty Bay, Gadgetzan or Everlook. I truly can't wait to explore it all and FLY! Have been dying for that since flying came out in BC.
I do have to add that these announcements, for me, really convince me of how much Blizzard seems to care about their product. While we all bitch and moan about this thing or that thing they seem to show an unending patience to weed through all of it and to try and make it right. Even if that means nerfing DK's to create more balance.
I am excited to see how the patches before the expansion will play out. I really had tons of fun with the zombie invasion, even when I had to hide in the back of the IF vault to DE items from the mail to keep from getting the plague. It was still great fun and I spent a lot of time hanging with friends and guildies in game just stomping around killing zombified people. It is truly the small moments in WoW that make it the most enjoyable for me. Laughing with people I like to hang with. Ok enough sobby stuff.
I am not sure how I feel about the new warlock shard system but really there's not much to say until I play it. The new talent trees look much easier and much more fun. The ancient glyph system seems pretty accessible and I'm really interested in what the paths are and mean to everyone. Each path must have a theme of sorts right?
I am most happy about the guild management, guild achievement, guild currency stuff. As a guild leader I'm excited to bring my guildmates into guild decisions such as talents etc and possibly solidify the group more as a whole. I can envision guild-wide meetings. I also really like the idea of being able to invite other guilds to your events. It will make coordinating with our sister guild much easier.
Speaking of...I'm gonna pop on and play some for the first time in several days :)  while I listen to WoWInsider do their wrap up. Which hasnt started yet by the way. lol

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